Very good access to concert hall, bar and toilets. Door openers, disabled parking, disabled toilet, approx. 10 wheelchair spaces, access to project room on level 2, disabled adapted lift. No thresholds between rooms, stairs.
No animals, peanuts for sale or green plants on the premises.
No hearing loop or sign language equipment.



The venue has a capacity of 150 people.
There is a sprung, black and carpeted floor, black walls and black ceiling. The room is a so-called black box.

The basic rig includes a 4-channel loudspeaker/sound system from L'Acoustics and Meyer Sound and a 24-channel digital mixing desk from Presonus.

A flexible lighting rig sits on height-adjustable rails. The basic rig is designed to vary the actual "stage" around the room, for a wide range of uses from everything between music and dance performances. Mixed "analog" lighting and LED and a light table from ETC.

The venue has a new professional projector from Panasonic as well as several smaller projectors that can be easily positioned as required. An analogue 16mm film projector is also available.

The small stage at the bar also has a speaker system from L'Acoustics with LAB output stage and a simpler lighting rig.