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Katt Hernandez - SO(U)LEN(SKIN(NER) (LP)
FYLP 1038


SO(U)LEN)SKIN(NER) is the second solo LP Katt Hernandez has released. After 13 years as a veteran of the variated wonderments of the experimental music scenes of the east coast, Katt moved to Sweden. She became a producer at Fylkingen and several other organizations for new and experimental music, started making electro-acoustic music alongside her long beloved violin at EMS and the Royal Music Academy alike, and is playing all about Sweden and further with a burgeoning tumult of new and fantastic musicians. Eight years after her first record Katt’s violin world, full of micro-tonalities, spectral harmonics, invisible artifacts and secret ululating tales of the impossible, has morphed in this new place.

This is a record for Stockholm, recorded at EMS with a microphone only three examples were ever made of. The title is the simultaneous two languages which now twine together: ”Lent skiner solen på själens skinn / The sun shines down softly on the skin of the soul.” The improvisations, done entirely on the acoustic violin and in single takes, build upon listening to the moving of huge granite mountains for the building of things on Stockholms stone terrain, and the stones and machines in all the cities waterways found with hydrophones- on the songs of the new birds here, and the trains, and the hours the sun came forth until midnight and disappeared over a hundred years of rising and setting. It is for the endlessly disappearing and re-emerging versions of the city and the people who live in those tides.

The LP is co-released on Ehse in the USA and Fylkingen Records in Sweden.

FYLP 1036, 2016

Coming out summer 2016 - ordering information available soon!


Lary 7 - The End Of An Era (LP)
FYLP 1036


Lary 7 is a New York downtown legend who has blessed the city's experimental music scene with his creative presence since the early 80s. As a musician, he has worked and/or collaborated with artists and bands such as The Jickets, Swans, Jarboe, Jimi Tenor, Alexander Hacke of Einstürzende Neubauten, to name but a few, and he has a yet unfinished album together with Tom Verlaine to come. As a photographer, Lary 7 has worked with artists including Matthew Barney and The Andy Warhol Foundation. He has also hosted evenings in Manhattan for years, usually in basements, showcasing experimental film and strange performances.

Lary 7 does not use digital technology and is strictly devoted to analogue equipment and old instruments, often using objects found in the streets of New York, at flea markets or in junk yards.

"The End of an Era" was recorded live at Fylkingen in 2006. The front cover photo shows a cassette trapped inside NYC sidewalk concrete. Lary 7 says it has been there for years. It is slowly disappearing; a beautiful image of old technology slowly fading away - and an illustrating image of the title of this record.

Earlier this year, artist, writer and film maker Danielle de Picciotto (of Crime & The City Solution) finished her documentary on Lary 7 entitled "Not Junk Yet - The Art of Lary 7".

Joachim Nordwall, Executive Producer

Price: 120 SEK + shipping


Hästköttskandalen - Spacegirls (LP)
FYLP 1035


Ellen Arkbro - electric guitar, voice, supercollider
Elsa Bergman - acoustic double bass
Marta Forsberg - acoustic viola, electronics
Maria W Horn - 8 mm projector, video feedback
Kali Malone - electric guitar, voice, electronics

Recorded live at Kapellet, Stockholm, 2014.

Price: 120 SEK + shipping


Sten Hanson - My Last Works (CD)
FYCD 1035


STEN HANSON passed away on November 1st 2013. During the last year we discussed with him to make a record with four of his unreleased works from the last then years period. Sten had the title for this record: My Last Works.
Daniel Rozenhall & Leif Elggren, August 2014

1. Sweet Jesus (2009) 12,08
2. Moosebranch (2007) 10,21
3. Klipp mig för fan 17,58
4. Ränn Sten (2004) 18,43

The CD includes a 40 page booklet with essays by Magnus Haglund and Gerrit Jan de Rook.

Price: 120 SEK + shipping


Finally back in print!

Öyvind Fahlström on the Air - Manipulating the world (Bound 340 p. book + 2CDs)
FYCD 1016:1-2


Under the motto: "Manipulate the world - take care of the world", Fahlström set up a variety of meeting-places in which participants were invited to take part in an interdiciplinary game of purposeful discovery. He introduced elements of popular culture into his work early on and made substantial contributions to a critical assessment of the "medialisation" of art. In this, the most extensive book about Öyvind Fahlström to date, Teddy Hultberg charts the artist´s predominant lines of creative development and shows how his cross-genre endeavours were based on a few central ideas: character forms, signs, games and life materials.

The present study focuses on two innovative and extraordinary compositions for radio: "Birds in Sweden" (1963) and "The Holy Torsten Nilsson" (1966). These works can be heard on the two accompanying CD records and are also included here in written form. Some unique and hitherto unpublished visual and textual material, the result of several years of research by Teddy Hultberg, is also included in the book.

All text material in the book is written both in English and in Swedish.

Price: 400 SEK + shipping


Fyloop (LP)
FYLP 1033


One-sided LP in white vinyl with 360 locked grooves by Fylkingen artists!

Price: 120 SEK + shipping



Special Offer:

Roberta Settels – Isolation! Meinhof in memoriam (LP)


Roberta Settels (1929-2014), American composer who moved to Europe, released the LP Isolation! Meinhof in memoriam in 1985. The record remains even today as one of the most personal records with electroacoustic music ever produced in Sweden. The work is dedicated to Ulrike Meinhof, and should be seen both politically and as a study in the isolation and silence which Meinhof experienced during her imprisonment.

The record was initially planned to be released on Rikskonserter´s label Caprice Records but they stopped the production in the last minute because of the controversial political topic it could be regarded to have. Instead Settels started her own record label, Music in Crisis, on which this LP became the only release. The LP cover is made so that the convolute is folded in a plastic sleeve, screenprinted by hand, with a blood-like red stain partly covering the picture of Settels´ face.

Fylkingen is proud to be able to offer a number of original copies of the LP for sale, which have been Roberta Settels´ private property until now.

Roberta Settels was born in New York, studied at the Juilliard School of Music and later moved to Europe. She worked during the 70s and 80s at EMS in Stockholm, and was also active at Fylkingen during this period. Roberta Settels has also resided partly in France and was during the 80s active at IRCAM in Paris. In the 90s she got a scholarship to work with Iannis Xenakis and she also built her own studio.

Price 150 SEK + shipping


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