#6 June 2005


Virtual Musical Instruments: Technological Aspect and Their Interactive Performance Issues

by Suguru Goto

Composer Suguru Goto takes us through his thoughts behind the construction of his Virtual Musical Instruments with special emphasis on Gestural Interfaces.

Between Art and Technology

by Sachiko Hayashi

Video and net artist Sachiko Hayashi discusses three works presented at WRO 05 (New Media Art Biennial in Wroclaw) and ponders over the future language of New Media.

Composition Camouflaged: on the Relationship between Interpretation and Improvisation

by Franziska Martinsen

In this follow-up-article on Art Clay's project "GoingPublik," Franziska Martinsen interviews the three musicians involved about their experiences and interpretations of the project.

Take a Chance on Me: an Essay on the Mediation of the Contemporary Condition

by Thore Soneson

Producer and writer Thore Soneson looks at nonlinear narration digital interactivity brings that may open our eyes toward new art of story telling.

Space in New Media Conception: With Continual Reference to Computer Games

by Bo Kampmann Walther

Bo Kampmann Walther, assistant professor with his research interest in games, argues the space in computer games can be conceived as continuation of space conception from the Renaissance to Modern Art of the 20th century.

Undervattenskonsert: Underwater Concert

by Alice Gerber

Alice Gerber reports on her sound project in which she asked 11 sound artists/composers to compose for underwater broadcasting in Malmö's offshore sea spot.





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