Galleroben 9.0 Mathias Josefson - Suihkulähde

"Galleroben" Fylkingens lilla mini galleri

vernissage 28/10 19:00

Mathias Josefson, 2007
Information: Inspired by the work the Fountain, done in 1917 by Marcel Duchamp, Mathias Josefson set out to search for a readymade/found sound. He wanted to investigate if a sound could be treated as a readymade and if it could be transferred without any alterations from one context to another. The sound was found in Kiev in 2007, where it was recorded in a small enclosed space. It was impossible to hear the sound as it was being recorded. Suihkulähde exists both as a sound installation but also as a 12" vinyl records. Side A of this album contains the recorded source material, which is not processed with effects in any way. Side B contains a version of the same track, where minimal processing have been done.

Format: installation, dimensions variable
Edition: 1

Format: 12″ on 180g Vinyl
Edition: 275

Mathias Josefson’s work spans digital and analogue media, often with a focus on sound as part of spatial installations.

To expand or stop time, repetitions and different mythologies are central in Mathias Josefson’s art. He has a degree in Fine Arts from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm as well as a degree in Computer Science from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

As a member of Fylkingen and active at EMS he has, during the last ten years, worked in the international experimental music scene.