Gino Robair -- energized surfaces/voltage made audible

Robair has a unique approach to percussion. He activates objects and resonant surfaces by non-traditional means and uses drums as secondary resonators for other instruments. This includes bowing, rubbing, and scraping drums and cymbals, as well as using ebows, motorized toys, and
compressed air through a horn. His performances spontaneously incorporate site-specific objects, such as doors, windows, chairs, and even audience members. Things are stacked and toppled. Stuff occasionally breaks or explodes. Any sound is fair game.

In addition, Robair incorporates analog electronics into each performance, sometimes combining the acoustic sounds with synthesized ones.

This evening's performance will include solo pieces, as well as duos, trios, and quartets with Johannes Bergmark, Tippi Tillvind, and Lisa Ullén.

Bergmark and Robair have collaborated numerous times over the past 15 years, always with surprising results.

Entré: 100 kr / stud 80 kr