Lars Bröndum - theremin, modular analog system and subversive delusions.
Jamie Fawcus - live electronics, computer treatments, divertive devices.
Johannes Bergmark - found objects, saw and amplified abstractions.

Three composers/musicians meet up to explore the inner sanctum of sound at Fylkingen, Friday 14th September. Live-electronics, computer treatments, found objects, saw, theremin and a plethora of analog synthesis. Prepare your ears for anything from almost inaudible delicate sounds to great walls of noise. Suggestive layers of frequencies snapped of in abrupt textural change. Undercurrents of glissandos and percussive textures in interplay with subtle pulses.
...and a relaxing cold beer in the intermission...

Pictures by F. Grahn, P. Åhlund, A S de Mesquita.

Entré 80:-/stud 40:-

Medlemsproduktion: Bröndum.
Med stöd av URUK.