FYLKINGEN presents: Hearing Metropolis

Photo: Cristina Marx

Annette Krebs
Annette Krebs searches for the genesis of sound through electro-acoustic sound sculptures. This exploration presents new sound proportions via the inherent legalities and possibilities
of highly amplified metal, melting reality into surreality with shades of sound. Her compositions are structured but not determined, which makes every concert unique and shows different perspectives on the fundamental idea of the compositions.

Curious Chamber Players
The Curious Chamber Players are always on a mission, searching for sound/noise from every corner of the world and its metropolised human civilization. Every metropolis has its own sound based on how people live, shape, and construct. The high density of air, mostly polluted, is constantly leaking from human lips, becoming passing mechanical indications of how time-space is conceptualized and constructed in our society. A metropolis is a center of human gathering with many individual ideas, characters, color, and memories.

Curious Chamber Players in this project:

Hannah Törnell Wettermark, flute
Martin Welander, percussion
Frederik Munk Larsen, guitar
Karolina Öhman, cello
Rei Munakata, Malin Bång, objects


Entrance 100 sek/ 80 sek
Opening 19:30 - Concert 20:00


This production is in collaboration with EMS and Goetheinstitut.