FYCD 1033 - Välfärdsorkestern "VFO"

1. I skärgården I 1'21
2. Den svenska välfärdens bleknande gloria 14'54
3. Midsommar på Aspö 5'52
4. Gubben 0'08
5. Nobä 6'42
6. I skärgården II 3'41
7. Lapskojs 4'35
8. Gristrött 7'20
9. Lustgas 6'50
10. Dagens nyheter 13'52
11. TV-kväll 7'15

Duration: 70'
The Welfare Orchestra – VFO invites you to a contemplative tour thru a landscape inhabited by elusive conceptions such as threshold, split-point, trigger, distortion, snuff, loop-starter, log-driving, crossover, visions, disinformation, equality, center-frequency, Q, whale flesh, vote-catching and feedback, low impulse control, fractional solid-waste sampling and statistical analysis, coffee and cinnamon buns, life and death, love and music, apnea and GDI, creosote and ozone, nitrous oxide and greenhouse, today's news and the swedish welfare´s fading halo.

VÄLFÄRDSORKESTERN (the welfare orchestra):
Lise-Lotte Norelius - Max/MSP, KP2, Micro Modular, contact microphones, voice, various objects and effect boxes.
Sören Runolf - Micro Modulares, KP2, KP3, voice, contact microphones, various objects and effect boxes.

All tracks composed, recorded and mixed by Sören Runolf and Lise-Lotte Norelius

Price: 120 SEK + shipping

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