Inigo Ibaibarriaga, Eva Lindal & Philippe Moenne-Loccoz


Tickets: 150kr Regular, 100kr student/member

The last twangs and bangs from Inigo Ibaibarriaga, Thomas Bjelkeborn, Eva Lindal and Philippe Moenne-Loccoz. Expect a chill party night blowing out the last sounds ever played in this magnificent joint by these prolific musicians. As always with this quartet acoustic instruments blend vigorously with live-electronics for journeys to sound worlds where extended playing techniques and sound synthesis fire away soothing ambient hypermodern chamber music. Join the finisage, drop a nostalgic tear, grab a last coffee or drink. Colorblind_painter rules the bar with friendly shouts and fridays forever music.

Inigo Ibaibarriaga
Eva Lindal
Philippe Moenne-Loccoz
Sound Quartet

Medlemsproduktion: Thomas Bjelkeborn