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  • I-N-E-A #6

    8 May 2016 - 19:30

    I-N-E-A #6

    Ny musik av Lars Bröndum, Lisa Ullén, Henrik Frisk, Girilal Baars

    Råa och spräckliga klanger möts i gränslandet mellan improviserad, noterad, elektronisk och akustisk musik

    På scen:
    Lars Bröndum: theremin & analog elektronik
    Lisa Ullén: piano
    Henrik Frisk: sax och elektronik
    Girilal Baars: röst och elektronik

    Mer info: http://www.brondum.se/MuArk/MuArk.html


    Gratis inträde


    Medlemsproduktion: Lars Bröndum

  • Tam Hare presents ABSTRACT CHILD: only ever so close

    28 May 2016 - 20:00

    Tam Hare presents:

    Abstract Child: Only Ever Close

    This performative presentation will be formed as an audio-visual, textual experience. Artist Tam Hare constructs a position or character here, by adapting specific, obscured narratives that explore ideas concerning
    perceived cognitive issues and how these might relate to global capitalism within a post-capitalist setting.
    Crucially, the work also examines the availability of constantly expanding sources of knowledge, globalisation, ‘the new media’ and the internet, and what affects these elements have on this constructed, troubled subject.

    Presented will be an independent ‘viewpoint’ that has felt a psychological and social rupture and become acutely disconnected from their contemporary society and setting. Consequently, a depiction of how information is manifested and expressed within the psyche of a subject as they begin to replicate their
    schizophrenic environment is envisaged through this performance.

    The resignation of what comes next can be seen from here. This force cannot be touched or grasped; no place is somewhere that might be an indication of where to go from here.

    By creating a subject that exists within, and is a result of this socioeconomic system, what will be displayed is a specific realisation of the system’s abstract formations and their ensuing productions. How this individual perceives these structures working against the collective will of their society – by continually projecting into a hypothetical future that forever bypasses the present – has helped create this internally ungrounded and indeterminate being. Their considerations of the rhetorical and utterly contradictory nature of this environment is manifested in this
    character and subsequently embodied in the work’s ensuing performance.

    The work is partly in collaboration with sound artist John Bryden and visual artist Anna Glantz.



    This is a FREE event


    This project is kindly supported by Fylkingen member Robin McGinley, Stockholm's EMS Elektronmusikstudion, and Konstfack's CuratorLab Program; with additional thanks to Camilla Larsson & Jacek Smolicki for their consultation & advice.

    Samproduktion med Tam Hare, Konstfack/CuratorLab