Kommande program


  • Tam Hare presents ABSTRACT CHILD: only ever close

    28 May 2016 - 20:00

    Tam Hare presents:

    Abstract Child: Only Ever Close

    This performative presentation will be formed as an audio-visual, textual experience. Artist Tam Hare constructs a position or character here, by adapting specific, obscured narratives that explore ideas concerning
    perceived cognitive issues and how these might relate to global capitalism within a post-capitalist setting.
    Crucially, the work also examines the availability of constantly expanding sources of knowledge, globalisation, ‘the new media’ and the internet, and what affects these elements have on this constructed, troubled subject.

    Presented will be an independent ‘viewpoint’ that has felt a psychological and social rupture and become acutely disconnected from their contemporary society and setting. Consequently, a depiction of how information is manifested and expressed within the psyche of a subject as they begin to replicate their
    schizophrenic environment is envisaged through this performance.

    The resignation of what comes next can be seen from here. This force cannot be touched or grasped; no place is somewhere that might be an indication of where to go from here.

    By creating a subject that exists within, and is a result of this socioeconomic system, what will be displayed is a specific realisation of the system’s abstract formations and their ensuing productions. How this individual perceives these structures working against the collective will of their society – by continually projecting into a hypothetical future that forever bypasses the present – has helped create this internally ungrounded and indeterminate being. Their considerations of the rhetorical and utterly contradictory nature of this environment is manifested in this
    character and subsequently embodied in the work’s ensuing performance.

    The work is partly in collaboration with composer John Bryden and visual artist Anna Glantz.



    This is a FREE event

    FB-event: https://www.facebook.com/events/121124194964501/


    This project is kindly supported by Fylkingen member Robin McGinley, Stockholm's EMS Elektronmusikstudion, and Konstfack's CuratorLab Program; with additional thanks to Camilla Larsson & Jacek Smolicki for their consultation & advice.

    Samproduktion med Tam Hare, Konstfack/CuratorLab

  • Into Your Solar Plexus

    29 May 2016 - 20:00

    Into Your Solar Plexus
    Book launch, autographs, performances, playlists and videos
    Part of the Spring shows RIA/KKH 2016

    With Donatella Bernardi, Fredrik Fermelin, Hilda Kahra, Lars & Olav, Josefina Malmegård, Georg Nordmark and others.

    Political origin, personal mythology, necessity and contingency through artworks and events, or: alps, Artemisia, botany, Bridget, Elisabeth, Joséphine, love, matter, melancholy, nougat, Palmyra, Panama, petrography, puberty, psychedelism, Sherpa, Sisyphus, slide, sufism and waterfall. Donatella Bernardi conceives *Into Your Solar Plexus* as a permeable organism, a time-based curatorial journey in the Kunsthalle Bern as well as an artist’s book (Humboldt Books), the perception and interpretation of which were influenced by the natural and political catastrophes that took place during the implementation of the project.

    Donatella Bernardi
    *About puberty: I had no clear answer to this question. Nevertheless, I was particularly moved by it, in its equal measure of innocence and acuity*, reading, 10-15 min.

    Fredrik Fermelin
    *TEST_FALUKORV*, performance, approx. 15-20 min.

    Hilda Kahra
    *Blueprint*, performance, maximum 25 min.

    Lars & Olav
    Performance, approx. 10-15 min.

    Josephina Malmegård
    *Något annat*, video, 5 min, loop

    Georg Nordmark
    *Sanctuary*, video, 10 min.


    Free Entrance


    Samproduktion med KKH

  • Lamour

    3 Jun 2016 - 19:30 - 4 Jun 2016 - 00:00

    Manoli Moriaty(UK)
    Teresia Björk
    Reverbal Sign
    SQ (Thomas Bjelkeborn, Paul Pignon & Philippe Moenne-Loccoz)
    Miss Cmy & Otherland

    Lamour arranges unexpected combinations in the meeting between artists and audience, always friendly, feelgood and experimentally. Musical evenings spans over wide electronic genres, free jazz and contemporary music.


    Entrance: 100kr (80 kr for students/members in Lamour and Fylkingen)



    Koreografen/dansaren Teresia Björk jobbar med fragment i form av ljus,tid,riktningar och känslor i förhållande till rummet och det musikaliska landskapet. I denna workinprogress som visas på Fylkingen den 3 juni förmedlas budskap som konstnärinnan Siri Derkert arbetade med på olika vis under alla sina verksamma år.Siri Derkerts egensinninga tankar och visioner blir synliga genom Teresias koreografi och röst.


    Manoli Moriaty
    Med sig har Teresia kompositören/musikern Manoli Moriaty från Manchester som är välkänd i Storbritannien som en tonsättare med stor kompetens och konstnärlig förmåga inom fältet elektronisk och interaktiv konstmusik.
    Han arbetar stort och brett över hela världen med olika sorters performanceartister i både rörelse och tal och med olika effektfulla uttryck.Manoli spelar live på scenen- tonsätter och ger liv till varje moment.
    Föreställningen ”Vi-We-Nous” i sin helhet ska vara klar i sommar-har sin Världspremiär i Peking augusti 2016 och spelas på Dansmuséet i Stockholm i oktober.


    Reverbal Sign is a hardware quartet based in Stockholm, Sweden. Performing and improvising live, they make their own deep blend of electronic club genres together with early house and wave music – expect wide soundscapes and haunting melodies. Last year they made an acclaimed appearance at the Push! festival in Gävle, and their debut release Silent Fog EP is out on Modularfield Records both on cassette and digital.


    SQ (Thomas Bjelkeborn & Paul Pignon)
    “SQ (Sound Quartet) is carried by howling winds from the frozen tundra with an urge to make sound poetry for the masses, an enchanting experimental blend of acoustic and electronic sounds. These rarely published freethinkers creates a low key intense music with the strength of swedish granite that matured for an eternity.”
    Thomas Bjelkeborn on electronics has performed at festivals on all continents. Paul Pignon on Sax, Woodwinds and Digeridoo is a pioneer in EAM and lived equally in the UK, Yugoslavia and Sweden. Live visuals is provided by Deadpixel.


    DJ Miss Cmy
    As her alter ego Miss Cmy, Camilla has become recognised on the techno scene playing at electronica festivals, clubs, and held DJ residencies around Europe.
    When Miss Cmy enters the stage you can rely on hearing euphoric techno, early Detroit, mixed with house, experimental and bits of acid.
    Miss Cmy’s own music is available on French label Mad Bros Records as well as on German label Modularfield.


    As a sidekick to Miss Cmy, Otherland will visit the stage to fill spaces with noise, fuzziness and half tempo beats. Ongoing projects include making raw broken acid together with Ragnar Atari as well as the experimental solo parts as Otherland. Otherland and Miss Cmy are also a part of the techno quartet Reverbal Sign which released their first EP december last year.


    Medlemproduktion: Viktor Zeidner

  • Kuggljud

    4 Jun 2016 - 20:00

    ◙ Tar...feathers
    ◙ Orphan Ann
    ◙ Cold Heart Investment AB

    ◠ Maria Enerud

    Marcus Nykes mångåriga popnoiseprojekt är i ständig utveckling men genomsyras alltid av skev, funkig ångest. På scen är det uttömmande intimt och sårbart kaxigt och bland det bästa Sverige har att erbjuda.

    Orphan Ann
    Nystartade duon Orphan Ann gör kolsvart, hjärtskärande synt med gotiska undertoner och en distinkt känsla för det återhållet dramatiska. Bakom namnet döljer sig Sofia Al Rammal (SARS, Född Död) och Masskulturs Anja Enerud.

    Cold Heart Investment AB
    - är Karl Sjölund (Yak Kallop, Silverarken, Unheimliches Manoeuvre, Fas 3, Cosmic Letters, Body Hammer) tillsammans med Henrik Söderström (Händer som vårdar).

    Maria Enerud
    När jag frågade Maria om hon ville spela skivor fick jag svaret: ”Boka in mig så garanterar jag att alla ska få en så sällsamt trist och bedrövlig surfest de aldrig kommer glömma!” Sagt och gjort!


    Entrance: 80 SEK

    Lördag 4 juni
    20 - 01
    18 år


    FB-event: https://www.facebook.com/events/194228607638028/

    Medlemsproduktion: Robin Smeds Mattila

  • Convergence

    5 Jun 2016 - 19:30


    An Evening of Music for Live Electronics, Guitars, Fixed Media, Spoken Word and Video Art.

    Lars Bröndum - guitar/electronics (DK)
    Magnus Alexanderson - guitar (SE)
    Barbara Bröndum - text and spoken word (US)
    Crystal Beiersdorfer - video art (US).
    Hans Fredriksson - guitar
    Sten-Olof Hellström - electronics (SE)
    Anders Sjölin - fixed media (SE)


    Gratis inträde (Free entrance)


    Medlemsproduktion: Magnus Alexanderson

  • A Modular Event At Fylkingen

    10 Jun 2016 - 19:30

    A Modular Event At Fylkingen Friday, June 10, 2016

    Music by L ars Bröndum, Marsel Nichan, Knyst, Holy Bubble Wrap Duo & 1000 Types Of Snow


    Doors Open At 7.30PM

    Show Starts At 8PM


    Free entrance


    Medlemsproduktion: Marsel Nichan