17 Oct 2009 - 19:30

”MaryLand, a collage of sound, projections and dance, is drawn from my own early experiences of gymnastic training and competition and my subsequent journey through a life in dance. It provoked discussion about physical training; about aesthetics in sport and dance and about the developments and modes of performance of modern and post modern dance. It also raised questions about perceptions of an old or older dancer…”
Dans: Mary Prestidge / Dans och visuals: Paula Hampson / Ljud: Philip Jeck / Koreografi: Ulla Koivisto
Entré: 80 kr / stud 60 kr


Mary Prestidge
Originally an olympic gymnast in the 1960’s, Mary's first professional work was with Ballet Rambert as a contemporary dancer. She was a founder member of the X6 Dance Space collective in 1976 and its successor Chisenhale Dance Space which provided a context for the research and development of new dance in Britain. Mary has been an influential practitioner and teacher of new dance, developing and offering her work in community settings as well as the specialist academy. She continues to evolve new work through collaboration with other artists and art forms in a variety of performing contexts.
Ulla Koivisto
A dancer and choreographer whose work has spanned three decades. Ulla spent four years of seminal studies in New York during the 1970’s with Merce Cunningham and created her early works there. Ulla has since produced work for mainstream dance, theatre and opera companies in Finland where she is based. She has worked extensively choreographing and teaching in other European countries, South America and Canada. She has created over forty independent works collaborating with contemporary composers and dancers, the latest of these being this series of Emotional Dances. In 2002 Ulla was honoured with a life time achievement award from the Finnish State for her innovative work in dance.
Lucy Cash
Lucy Cash is a freelance film-maker and video artist. She has worked in live performance as both performer and director. Her film and video work includes commissions from Channel 4, FilmFour, the BFI and South East Dance’s ‘Take 2’ dance film commission for the film collaboration with Goat Island performance group from Chicago. She has also worked creating video for live performance for many dance and theatre artists in the UK and more recently directed ‘Freeze’ for the BBC / ACE ‘Dance for Camera’ scheme. Lucy was selected, and subsequently won, the BBC/Arts Council programme: ‘Dance Film Academy’, for emerging dance film makers.
Philip Jeck
Philip originally studied visual arts at Dartington College. He began exploring composition using record players and electronics in the early 1980s. Philip has performed solo shows throughout Europe, Japan and USA. He has composed and performed scores for many dance and theatre companies and has created the music for several dance films. He has previously collaborated with the other artists involved in this project. His 1993 piece, Vinyl Requiem, with Lol Sargent for 180 record players, 9 slide projectors and 2 16mm projectors won the Time Out/Dance Umbrella award for Best Site Specific Performance. Philip has produced 8 solo CD albums to date and most recently has featured on Gavin Bryers’ reworking of The Sinking of the Titanic and touring Spire,