4 May 2010 - 19:30

Ytterligare en supertung kväll på Fylkingen.

THRONES (US): Soloprojekt med Joe Preston.
Preston har tidigare spelat med Earth, The Melvins, High on Fire samt Sunn O))).

OVO (Milano/Berlin): Stefania Pedretti och Bruno Dorella.

NADJA (Can): Aidan Baker och Leah Buckareff.

Entré: 100 kr

THRONES (US - Kill Rock Stars / Southern Lord)
(Ex-member from Melvins, SunnO))), Earth, Men's Recovery Project, High on Fire etc)
Thrones began in 1994 with an untitled cassette on the Punk in My Vitamins? label. They soon released the "Reddleman" single. In 1996, Thrones signed to Communion Records to issue the full-length album Alraune. Thrones then signed to Kill Rock Stars and released the single "The Suckling." In late 1997, Preston began a recording project under the working title "White Rabbit, White Rabbit, White Rabbit". The project was eventually released as two 12 inch EPs; White Rabbit in 1999, followed by Sperm Whale in 2000. Both EPs were compiled in the Sperm Whale CD. In 2005, a compilation of various Thrones material spanning from 1994 to 2001 was released by Southern Lord Records under the title Day Late, Dollar Short.

After an extended hiatus beginning in 2001, Thrones began regularly performing live again in May 2006, although there were sporadic live appearances during this period supporting bands such as Sunn O))). Preston has also performed as part of Sunn O))) using Moog synthesizers and has previously been a member of Earth, The Melvins and High on Fire.
OvO (Milano/Berlin - Load rec)
OvO is a project involving music and life. Stefania Pedretti (also singer of Allun and solo performer aka ?Alos) and Bruno Dorella (also performing in bands as Ronin and Bachi da Pietra, former drummer of Wolfango and Bugo and manager of Bar La Muerte Records) decided to create OvO in order to go on playing and travel together. Actually, OvO is first of all a tour band, a specific choice which made them moving throughout Europe and North America from 2001 until present, with stops in Mexico and Turkey, performing more than 500 concerts in 6 years. Their first album “Assassine” (2001) and the second “Vae Victis” (2002) as well were produced by Bar La Muerte and could boast the contribution of guests and friends. After the splits with Rollerball and KK Null, OvO definitively became a duo and the change was marked by the issue of their third album “Cicatrici” (2004), a co-production of Bar La Muerte and Ebria Records. In 2006 the work “Miastenia” was released under the prominent American label Load Records, the crowning achievement of several tours in the States. In 2008 2 remix albums album were released: "OvO Rmxd By Daniele Brusaschetto" (Blossoming Noise) and "Voodoo Rework" (Moriremo Tutti), this last one remixed by various artists. And at the end of 2008 the new album "CroceVia" (Load) came out. Recorded in Brooklyn at Seizues Palace, it's a step to a heavier, more structured approach to the OvO world.
NADJA(Can - Alien 8/Conspiracy/ Crucial Blast)
Nadja is a duo of Aidan Baker (guitars, vocals, strings, woodwinds, drum machines) and Leah Buckareff (bass, vocals) currently based in Toronto, Canada. Nadja came to life in 2003 as a solo project of experimental/ambient musician & writer Aidan Baker (Die Stadt, Mystery Sea, Drone Records) as something of a flipside to his solo material; a means of exploring the darker, noisier, and heavier side of atmospheric and experimental music. Nadja became a duo in late 2004.
Combining dirge-like metal riffs and heavy, minimal percussion with ethereal melodicism and something of a shoegazer asthetic, Nadja attempts to create a swirling, amorphous wall of sound that is both obliterating and uplifting. Nadja’s sound has been compared to such groups as Godflesh/Jesu, Halo, Khanate/Sunn ((0))), Boris, Esoteric, and Earth, among others.
Following a string of cdr releases, Nadja’s CD debut, Truth Becomes Death, was released in October 2005 on Montreal’s Alien8 Recordings and deals with themes of artificial life and intelligence, conflating the 15th Century legend of the Golem of Prague with contemporary ideas of computer-based artificial intelligences.
Nadja is essentially drone-god Aidan Baker’s contribution to doom. The result is something akin to Godflesh covering Troum, all trance beats at the speed of crawl as a universe of dark ambient sound and melancholy riffs revolves around those narcoleptic beats. Elements of psychedelia, free jazz, drone, and experimental music all come into play with the ambient and melodic elements, but it’s the subterranean riffs of despair that make it so doomlike. The future of doom? The world should be so lucky…