18 Jun 2010 - 19:00
19 Jun 2010 - 19:00

A dance-theatre performance on the mundane tyranny of family life, as
conceived by... The Family

piak is the loving and long-suffering father of Sveta and Kai, two sweet
sisters. The all-consuming desire to be one happy family burns in each
of them, sometimes on the tip of their tongues, sometimes between their
legs, mostly in their secret heart of hearts. But a mystery hovers in
the stifling air of their apartment: who are each of them really, how
are they related, and what are their motives? As relations within the
family deteriorate, the roles they play become increasingly twisted.

With an eye for compassion and a taste for brutality, the family tackle
their everyday struggles with both gentle and dark humour, some feigned
bravado and a dash of tender violence…

The piece is set to an eclectic selection of recorded music, with text,
direction and choreography by The Family: Kai Eng, Sviatlana Viarbitskaya and piak

Entré: 100 kr / stud 80 kr

Medlemsproduktion: Roséen / Widding