THOLLEM MCDONAS (San Francisco), solopiano + Borders Ensemble

26 Nov 2010 - 19:30


Fredag i stora salen!

Thollem, på permanent världsturné och med en mycket snabbt växande diskografi, kommer för första gången till sverige för att visa sitt unika solospel och leda Stockholmsmusiker i en stor orkester:

Thollem McDonas

Continuing from his work with Estamos Ensemble in the U.S./Mexico, Thollem McDonas brings a developing new work to Stockholm, assembling local improvisers in an ad hoc ensemble. This will be the first performance of Borders Ensemble: structured improvisations based on the social/political dynamics created by the various situations of geo-political borders. These are musical meditations on real-life situations that are constantly affecting the way we perceive and interact with our fellow human beings within and across the borders of the world. It is the goal of Borders Ensemble to participate in the further development of improvisation as a true universal musical language, with this work becoming another offering for musicians to use around the world to share a common experience across their respective borders.

Borders Ensemble (fler kan tillkomma):
Andreas Axelsson - trummor
Johannes Bergmark - förstärkta objekt
Ville Bromander - kontrabas
Lars Bröndum - elektronik
Katt Hernandez - fiol
Hanna Olivegren Wessblad - röst
Henrik Olsson - slagverk
Johan Ramström - saxofon
Tippi Tillvind - elektronik
Joseph Williamson - kontrabas
Thollem McDonas - piano, dirigent

"Thollem's keyboard flights unleash cascades of notes of seemingly impossible velocity and no matter where he goes tonally, it always seems right, fresh and satisfying. He should be on everyone's listening list who appreciates great piano music. As an improviser, he inhabits a world uniquely his own, rhythmically, harmonically and formally. A true original." -Terry Riley

Mer info:

Entré: 100 kr / stud 70 kr

Medlemsproduktion: Bergmark