15 Apr 2011 - 18:30 - 19:30

Av och med KEL: Anna Littorin, Lisa Hansson och Jonna Sandell
Regi: Olle Sarri
Producent: Freja Lindström
Föreställningen spelas på engelska.

This wild and powerful performance deconstructs that grinding feeling of guilt in the era of climate changes. A sincere story told in a playful and experimental way.

KEL popularizes UN-statistics, tones GDPs and creates waste sorting electronica. Meet the three dual-working sisters who are combining their rock star career with civic duty in Superheroes without Borders. Watching over the heroines is the woman behind the concept of the modern nurse – Florence Nightingale.

"Its spectacular to experience something unique, beyond all definitions such as performance, theatre, show... You don't want to miss a syllable of something this important, yet extremely entertaining and thought-provoking"
Dagens Nyheter 2008-10-11

KEL is known for their charming and poetical theatre/music performances, treating subjects such as global warming, gymnastics, knitting, housekeeping and water ballet. They make music, text and choreography.

KEL has given performances in New York, Washington, Tokyo, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Malmö, appeared in Swedish Radio and Television, etc.

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Entré: 120 kr / stud 80 kr


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