17 Jun 2012 - 19:30

Mike Bullock has been a key player in Boston's burgeoning, rigorous and kalaedescopically varied improvised music and multi-media art scene for a decade and a half now. He is one of the members of the BSC(Bhob Rainey's 8 piece long-running improvised music ensemble) and has collaborated with a wide variety of musicians including Pauline Oliveros, Tatsuya Nakatani, Vic Rawlings, Axel Dürner and many others. On his website he says of himself: "I perform music and visuals using a variety of analog, digital, and acoustic media. Since 1995, my performance practice has been centered around improvisation. In the sound realm, I play contrabass; modular synthesizer; software platforms including Max/MSP, Ableton Live, and SuperCollider; and variety of handmade sound objects and modified string instruments such as banjo. For live visuals, I use a hybrid video/audio modular synth and VDMX video performance software."

Linda Aubry Bullock is an artist active in many media, including music performance and composition, painting, porcelain ceramics, multimedia installation. She has been active in the Boston improvised music scene since 2002. Her bio, from the Sedimental records website :" Linda Aubry Bullock's earliest memories include being fascinated with the sound of humming transformers, birds, and the drone of the distant television. After music composition studies at Berklee College of Music (MA) and Bennington College (MFA), she developed a career primarily in the visual arts: porcelain, and painting. She currently creates stop motion videos under the name Orangecookie Image and Sound. Linda also performs and composes electronic music via field recordings, harp, and other sources, and has played in many settings domestically and internationally. In addition to Twilight of the Century, Linda is part of the multimedia duo rise set twilight with Michael T. Bullock. Layering analog and digital feedback, phonography, and projections, rise set twilight creates immersive performance installations. rise set twilight has performed at CABLE# Festival in Nantes, France; EMPAC in Troy, NY; and free103point9's Radio Festival NYC. She is also a member of the New England Phonographers Union, a group that performs using unprocessed field recordings."

Guds Söner
Guds söner´s field of activity can be described as an investigation of a mental airspace, undertaken with the aid of unconventional tools. The aural aspect is important, but equal care is devoted to the visual.
Guds söner is often augmented with supplementary performers who then also influence the ideas and their expression.
Guds söner put themselves at the disposal of civil defence and strive to imbue fortitude and courage.

Karlsson/Hernandez Duo
Katt Hernandez (violin) and Daniel Karlsson (sound, video) have been working together since 2010, when Hernandez moved to Stockholm. They are both very active at Fylkingen, EMS and in Stockholms electroacoustic and improvised music scenes, and have been close collaborators both as a duo and in their quartet The Schematics. Here is a sample of their musical duo:

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