20 Aug 2012 - 20:00

Exclusive collaboration showcase between Ruta Vitkauskaite, Åsa Nordgren, James Brewster and Michael Idehall. With Elektronmusikstudion as a creative hub, these international and interdisciplinary constellations were sprung from the New Music Incubator. This concert features the premiere for several new electro-acoustic pieces composed during the last year. The event is a cooperation between URUK and Fylkingen.

Ruta Vitkauskaite (LIT)
Ruta is active as a composer, performer and organiser of concerts and festivals. She won the prize in the 2008 Apeldoorn workshop for young composers; in 2010 she won the prize for the Best Composition by a Young Lithuanian Composer. Ruta has performed as a violinist, pianist and performance artist in venues across Europe, including Vilnius, Vienna, Dresden, London, Dartington and at the Aldeburgh Festival. Ruta currently studying PhD in composition at the Royal Academy of Music in London.

Åsa Nordgren (SE)
Soprano with a degree in Opera from the University of Gothenburg. She performs in different constellations in theaters, opera houses and concert halls in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Touring with Göteborgs Opera Duo, a constellation with song and harp, Åsa is collaborating with composers of New Opera i the Nordic and Baltic countries.

James Brewster (SE/UK)
An english born musician, producer and audio researcher, James currently resides in Malmö in the south of Sweden. As a professional and contesting barista, James combines his skills and creates electronic music utilizing the art of coffee making.

Michael Idehall (SE)
Michael is an artistic renaissance man and machine mystic with a degree in Music Production. As an internationally acclaimed Vodoutronic medium, he sells paintings, sculptures and books, and has recently released the music-angelium SOL on the Gotheburg based label BELÄTEN.