28 Nov 2012 - 19:00

The CRYPT är en plats för konst i alla former och samtidigt en bar som brukar husera i en källare intill Städelschule i Frankfurt. Lavendel, ametist och Theodor Fontanes roman Under the Pear Tree är tre viktiga ingredienser för baren som under två kvällar kommer att husera på Fylkingen.
Program Onsdag 28/11
Katten & Björnen
Mattias Forshage
Emma Lundenmark
Pål Nyberg - Culture of Peace (Pål Nyberg, Marcello Gabard Pazos, Ville Bromander, Oskar Nilsson)
Enhänta Bödlar
Petri Junttila

Treason without reason
Clues toward a Bruise
The eye for the hand
Just cruise
Snooze blues
Burrbury Barbara
Pamela Beige
White Marlborogh
Another angel at my table
A knife whisperer
A stable, walker
A crouching cradle…

Crypt first took shape around a flakey constellation of amethyst stones, lavender blossoms, and a neon sigh:n taking its title from Theodor Fontane's novel 'Under the Pear Tree' with a coffin for a cocktail bar and three confused bartenders behind it. Among the things that happened since the first night in summer 2011, there have been various readings, performances, concerts, installments and a series of publications and posters.

Due to some unfortunate plumbing moments and poorly applied padding, the Crypt under the Pear Tree is now slowly over flowing in second hand water from the ajar dormitory rooms upstairs. In this bar, the submarine emotions first manifest itself in the form of tropical leakage; cerebral drooling and whaling in a badly sealed world. Air Humidifiers and Mist cream Cleansers are working around the clock to free up some steam to approximate the tropical or at the very least the oriental in time for guests arriving.

Seven Medusas from Frankfurt - stimulated by turquoise electricity and steamy windows - washed up on swedish shores with dyed hair and bad temper and perhaps one too many folded up deck chairs under their tentacles. The bar is a home away from home and if the home is where the heart is I guess we have a domestic disturbance on our hands. These bad writers on arrival, emerge after four years in the attic with no more than a few flimsy pages of flakey lines by other people.

When the heart ache is over, Intima Liaison could be a beginning for a new phase of Crypt with a lot of new blood in to liven this stiff up a bit (we'll install a juke box here), and over this year and next (I'm available) the bar will focus its resources on book publishing mainly (I can't see you). Previous titles include the second issue of Tales from the Crypt (2012), Under the Watermelon Tree (2011), The Rotting Husk (2012), Fernweh (2011) which will be available for sale in the bar at Fylkingen.Upcoming titles include The Atlas of Submaritime Emotions (2013), Aussteigen durch drinnbleiben (2013), Elbows on Mahogny (2013), Bueno Vista Social Plumbing: Secret School Teacher Jeffrey Silverman Reporting (2012) and the third issue of Tales from the Crypt (2013).

Arriving from Frankfurt are Tomas Stark, Marko Bandobranski, Erik Lavesson, Anna Zacharoff, Olga Pedan, Charlie Froud, Helené Fauquet, Nik Geene, Julien Nguyen, Salomo Andrén and tons of Apfelwein.


Small exhibition in Fylkingens Galleroben with works by Mia Andrée, Christian Cavallin, Ceren Findik, Merle Fluin, C.M. Lundberg, Iwo Myrin, Helena Widén and maybee some more.

Entré: 40 kr.
Medlemsproduktion: Myrin

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