29 Mar 2013 - 19:30

Welcome to Maria Horns bachelor exam concert!

Maria is currently studying her third year of electroacoustic composition, this year as an exchange student in Berlin. At the concert you will get to hear some new electroacoustic music for multichannel setup. There will be a premier performance of a piece for grand piano and electronics, performed by Lisa Ullén. Also there will be a live electronics performance by KYRKAN.
After the concert there will be a party with smoke machine and disco lights!

"Maria Horns music endues a dreamlike state both gloomy and aggressive. Sculpted out of the raw building blocks of electronic music, her music is sparked by an elaborating approach pushing boundaries from one extreme to another. Her music has an Intimacy running through it and can be described as a collision between painfully slow changing clusters and digital punk."

"Curiously fiddling with delicate textures meets heavy toxic clusters and colorful chaos."

Marta Forsberg- violin and effect pedals
Maria Horn - computer, feedback and electronics

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