5 Apr 2014 - 19:30


Arktau Eos present a continuously evolving set of archaic, elemental music that ranges from minimalistic, otherworldly transmissions to the harshest sounds of the natural world.
In the last eight years, Arktau Eos have constantly been recordingand refining their unusual mix of music and artwork, becoming in theprocess a group very much in demand for performances internationally.Besides Finland they have played in England, Germany, Romania, Sweden,USA and Norway. Yet Arktau Eos have never been comfortable with beingcalled simply a “band” as in many ways they are more like an esotericresearch unit, the work of which extends to many unseen fields outsideof the public arena.



Halo Manash is a multi-medial sound- and performance group founded in Northern Finland in 1998. The group manifests itself through various mediums: audio records, films, performances, artworks, photographs and handmade artifacts.

The season to awaken the We-Si entities is drawing near. The aquatic-lunar-seeds, mirroring forth the beginning of a new Halo Manash -cycle, have been planted by care in the invisible streams and motionless Ur-winds. Returning once again back to the group’s early formation, Anti Ittna H. and Iwo Hoccuc are currently accompanied by Fungi-Linguist, J. Padatsu.

The prime- driving force of the personnel has always been intensely rooted in urge to seek and gather, to explore and experience, to study and decipher the reflections arising from the spectrum of the primordial- Mana / Man Ash / Ash Man. In live appearances the three piece group currently brings forth distilled sonic-trance, a call for elementals, elements and Others as well.

During the years of its existence Halo Manash has performed in various countries; Finland, Belgium, France, Germany, Russia, Poland, Estonia and USA. The group has released eight complete albums, two films and appeared in several compilation albums. This year will see a set of new releases, both sonic and visual.



Bandstycke spelas 19.30, första akt på scen 21.00.





Entré: 120 kr / studerande 100 kr, 18 År.

Medlemsarrangemang: Per Åhlund

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