18 Apr 2014 - 19:00

Mother and Moptaco Dics presents:


VERNICHTUNG (Calle Olsson & Johan Öhman Sollin)


Excepter (US) live at 22.30

A synthetic protest band engineered to erase cultural distinctions through polarized confusion.

As the collapse of the myths merely created new myths, the meltdown of the music industry just sprinkled new music onto the surface of vigilantism. It is somewhere between music and myth that American Excepter reside. For years the band has bent, performed and examined every physical law that the inner ear has drawn about how and why sounds are composed into music. Today they stand as pioneers of the underground's mixed gases that ultimately form the chemical backbone of our culture. To define their sound, beat and arrangement is just as difficult as answering the question whether Excepter is deconstruction or self-destruction. In their true mythical language it seems as if the band itself only navigates by the imploding stars.

Formed in NYC 2002, Excepter have over 23 recordings released on various labels: Fusetron; Load; 5RC; Paw Tracks; RVNG. A group mind experience, Excepter brought to bear upon the world of electronic dance music the improvisational discipline of founder John Fell Ryan's membership in The No-Neck Blues Band. Slowly shifting in line-ups and styles over the years, Excepter always produces its core sound of multiple voices, winds and percussion echoing over free-form machine rhythms and synthesizer.
At the start of this year, Excepter released a new full length "Familiar" on the british imprint Blast First PETITE and released EP "Christisland" on Escho/Sejero last November.

Vernichtung live at 21.30

Calle Olsson & Johan Öhman Sollin
Analog synth wizardry meets early sheffield industrial attitude,
a slab of electronic noise blast to the face with a slice of quite listenable melody to boot.
With members from Time Deleters, Sphynxs, Dom Besatta, Rohbau Jugend, Elektronisk Framtid, Vic Sinex, Levande Död, Cosmic Scalps, Gitwars, Vidrig Vävnad, Den Kroppsliga Bananen, Mini Men, Landvarelser, Paddington DC, Paper, The Bear Quartet, Systematic Bombers, Black Block playing old Roland synthesizers.

Lise-Lotte Norelius live at 20.30

Percussionist since 25 years, with a background in traditional African music, experimental rock and free improvisation. She has played with various groups such as Bitter Funeral Beer Band and Anitas Livs, in which she many years developed a very personal sound world based on percussion and samples. Lise-Lotte is active in the fields of eam, sound-art, noise, free improvised electronica, dance and performance. The last years she has composed music for tape, musicians, live-electronics, theater, poetry, sound/video works and dance. She is performing as solo-artist and with different constellations consisting of musicians, dancers/choreographers and intermedia artists. She's also a part of Syntjuntan who won best Experimental act at Manifest-galan (alternative music prize) in Sweden 2013

Art & Guest DJ's TBA


Entré: 80 kr


Arrangemang: Fylkingen/Mother

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