15 Nov 2014 - 19:00

Ela Orleans (POL)
Noveller (US)
Kali Malone (US)
Morbida (IT)
Marta Forsberg

DJ Anja Enerud
DJ Marlena Lampinen

This evening will also be a triple release fest for 3 new Oma333 tapes!

A split tape with Morbida and Medicine Bow (Kali Malone).
A mixtape by Anja Enerud called "Dom Som Kunde Fly".
And a mixtape by Marlena Lampinen called "Coco & Pura".


Noveller (US)

Its almost 4 years to the day (11/11/10) in which Mother & Masskultur welcomed her to Detroit Gallery to play on a bill that included Aidan Baker and unFact. So much has happened in her world since then...

"Fresh off her North American tour supporting St. Vincent, Sarah Lipstate is wasting no time composing new expansive guitar soundscapes under her solo moniker Noveller. Embracing synth and rhythm in her new songs, Lipstate expands her one-woman live show to include Girl Against Boys’ Alexis Fleisig on electronics. Noveller’s recent releases include the critically acclaimed album ‘No Dreams’ (Important Records) and a dreamy ambient collaborative LP titled ‘Reveries’ (Shelter Press) with Montreal’s drone master thisquietarmy. She is also branching out in a new guitar-synth duo with JG Thirlwell (Foetus) with performances in NYC and a planned album. Lipstate is also an accomplished filmmaker and her filmwork will be featured in an upcoming screening at NYC’s Lincoln Film Center accompanied by a live musical score by a duo of Noveller and Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth)."

“Sarah Lipstate creates miniature musical worlds, places that you feel like you’ll never leave long as the record is playing.” - Pitchfork

First video diary of this tour

Ela Orleans (POL)

Its also almost 2 years to the day when Mother first welcomed Ela here and I'm proud to say this will be her third Stockholm show :)
And she's has been so busy and productive since we last saw her! She's currently working on her forthcoming LP with Howie B (Bjork, U2, Elisa, Mukul Deora and The Gift), WARP released her remix of Laraaji‘s – Kalimba, and she won Dead Albatross Music Prize last year. She's made the film scores for Maja Borg's "We The Others", "Architecture of an Atom" by Juliacks and "The Tower" - an opera by Karolina Breguła AND presented an audiovisual performance with my old friends Resonance FM for Merge Festival and thats just scratching the surface! Gonna be so nice to see her again and within the magical confines of fylkingen

She set her own label Parental Guidence to re-release the gem of an album that this is the title track of; "Tumult of the Clouds"

An old favorite of mine released on a split with Dirty Beaches way back called "I Know"

Another favorite "Walkingman"

And the first tune a heard thanks to an Elias Krantz mixtape many moons ago "Something Higher" which I finally got on vinyl in Lisbon this summer :)

Morbida (IT)

Morbida is tender melodies sculpted in marmoreal drones and utopistic architectures of light and shadow arising from chord progressions and soft vocals.
Morbida's debut EP will be released on the swedish label Oma333 this evening as a split with Kali Malone's piece Medicine Bow

Kali Malone (US)

Kali Malone is an American music maker based in Sweden since 2012. Using electronics and the guitar, she creates a kaleidoscopic sound mass compiled of dense harmonic outbreaks and gestural melodies. She is active in the bands Hästköttskandalen, Swap Babies, Taxi Taxi, and Imaginary Planet. On November 15th Kali releases her first cassette “Medicine Bow” on the label OMA333 a split with Morbida.

Kali Malone
Swap Babies
Taxi Taxi

Marta Forsberg (SE)

Marta Forsberg is a violinist and an electroacoustic composer based in Stockholm. She works in the field of free improvisation and slow drone based music. With careful and minimal coloration, her music timelessly transcends to an all embracing environment.
She is also a part of the audiovisual quartet Hästköttskandalen and the music collective Pianomaskinen




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