Abounaddara and the ‘Right to Image’

21 Apr 2016 - 18:00

Domain of the Great Bear Presents: Abounaddara and the ‘Right to Image’

An evening of film and discussion.

❖ 18:00 Introduction ❖
by Abounaddara’s Charif Kiwan

❖ 18:30 Screening ❖
Syria: Snapshots of History in the Making

❖ 19:30 Discussion ❖
Charif Kiwan / Göran Olsson / Marta Kuzma

‘The question of images is at the heart of the great darkness of our time, the “discontent of civilization.” We must know how to look into the images to see that of which they are the survivors. So that history, liberated from the pure past, might help us to open the present of time.’ This citation from Georges Didi-Huberman’s Images in Spite of All is manifested within the efforts of Abounaddara, an anonymous film collective made up of a group of filmmakers from Syria, who strive with their work to transform the media discourse on warfare, violence and migration. Since the onset of the Syrian revolution, Abounaddara, founded in 2010, has produced a weekly short documentary film referred to as a ‘bullet film’ founded on the principle of ‘emergency cinema’ and located within the daily life in Syria.

On Thursday 21 April, Abounaddara, at the invitation of the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, will screen Syria: Snapshots of History in the Making, a film that reflects the group’s concern for the ‘right to the image’ as an alternative to the rhetorical reading of images of war and to resist to reduce their function, as Susan Sontag notes in ‘Looking at War’, ‘to simplify and to create the illusion of consensus‘. Abounaddara’s Charif Kiwan will speak about the collective and the screening will be followed by a discussion between Charif Kiwan, documentary filmmaker, director Göran Olsson, and Marta Kuzma, the Vice Chancellor/Rector of the Royal Institute of Art (RIA) in Stockholm.

Abounaddara received the Vera List Center Prize for Art and Politics awarded by the New School, NYC in 2014. The collective has been exhibited internationally including at the New Museum, NYC and at Ashkal Alwan in Beirut. Abounadddara has had numerous presentations at the various leading universities such as MIT, University of Chicago, Princeton University and the New School. Reviews of their work have appeared widely in publications and journals as Liberation, Le Monde, the Guardian, and the Nation. The collective has received the Short Film Grand Jury Prize at Sundance Film Festival (2014) and the award for the Most Innovative Short Film at Visions du Reel in Nyon (2014).

The Domain of the Great Bear was a research platform of the RIA initiated in 2014 as a series of lectures, workshops and events focusing on art and the changing conditions of production. Past lectures have been included those by Kunle Adeyemi, Angela Davis, Catherine Malabou, Reinhold Martin, Charles Ray, Jim Shaw, Jeff Wall, Eyal Weizman and may be viewed at Domain of the Great Bear’s online archive: www.kkh.se/domain-of-the-great-bear

》Syria: Snapshots of History in the Making is a feature length documentary produced by the Abounaddara Collective in cooperation with ARTE. Abounaddara and the ‘Right to the Image’ is the last in the series Domain of the Great Bear as organized by Marta Kuzma, the Vice Chancellor/Rector of RIA.《


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