Releasefest/Konsert för The Ägg's nya album Machines

27 Aug 2016 - 19:00


Hjälp oss att fira The Ägg's nya album MACHINES (

Tre set med musik - där även stallkamraterna Receptacles (aktuella med sitt nya album Freedom From Error ( spelar live under kvällen.

19:30 - THE ÄGG - Set I
21:00 - THE ÄGG - Set II


THE ÄGG - .... . / . --. --.
Joe Williamson
Patric Thorman
Vilhelm Bromander
Anton Toorell
Linus Hillborg
John Lindblom
Christopher Cantillo
Erik Carlsson
Raymond Strid
Dennis Egberth

It can be safely said that The Ägg is unlike any other band around.

Could it be they sound like Captain Beefheart's and Fela Kuti's bands in the same rehearsal space? Or do they sound like a North Korean marching band on acid? Or do they sound like 10 guys jamming in some weirdo's basement?

Either way they sound like nothing you have ever heard before.
The perfect mixture of chaotic abandon and complete control. The bonfire and the bunsen burner.

Space rock, free jazz, afro-beat and probably some other stuff all colliding together in the musical particle accelerator known as The Ägg…

RECEPTACLES .-. . -.-. . .--. - .- -.-. .-.. . ...
Anton Toorell
Joe Williamson
Dennis Egberth

Receptacles make music that disturbs easy categorization. While listeners may hear influences from no-wave, afro-beat, free jazz, funk or punk, Receptacles are not simply a mix of these styles. They have harnessed an essence of spontaneity and in doing so have created something unique and completely their own.

Receptacles wilfully instigate and manipulate an elasticity of form, key, tempo and metre. The absurdist, spoken- word lyrics act as the lynchpin in the reckless, hectic, headlong, joyful collision of rhythms and riffs. An anarchistic relationship to group dynamics ensures a strong, original, unified sound, where the sum is more than the parts, and yet the parts are more than the sum.


Förmånliga priser och fantastiska kominationserbjudanden på hela katalogen utlovas (och mer därtill).

Arrangeras av Tilting Converter




Entrance 50 kr

Member production : Joe Williamson