7 Oct 2016 - 20:00

Irradiation [TEMP~Records] (ÖE)

AMKosman and VAJ.Power (UK)
audio: https://soundcloud.com/amkosman
visual: https://www.facebook.com/vaj.power/

Erik Haal (SE)


The so called “experimental music” at our state subsidised venues don’t feel radical enough. Somethings is missing.

The fact that the experimental music scene is still flourishing in bedroom studios, in those moments at the club when nobody understands what’s going on or knows what to do, or within those ignored isolated groups of artists lacking reference to approved cultural norms and ideals, regardless of trends.

however, what makes experimental experimental? if the experimental has a box that limits and judges what experimental is, if this box has a stab of guardians filtering what’s approved and not, will it be able to continue to evolve? when nobody gets blindsided or intrigued, provoked or swept away, it looses it’s meaning and gets stuck within it’s own limits.

The project RISK curated by Drömfakulteten and Fylkingen aims at triggering various forms of engagement and expressions, ranging from utter disgust to pure euphoria. We're looking for the mistakes which reveals things we couldn't have imagined ourselves. Revealing the norms by breaking them.

Most of all we want to offer a broader audience the opportunity to be puzzled and clueless at times, to get inflamed and boomerang, to dance in the black box where most people are too stiff to even wear a flowery dress.




Entrance: 100kr/ 80kr members of Fylkingen and Drömfakulteten



With support from Kulturrådet and Stockholms Stad.