Tommie Lundberg - Blow

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Blow is a portrait of bass clarinettist Tommie Lundberg, (one of) the world´s best on this instrument. His capacity to meet the most terrifying technical demands of some modern composers is astonishing. "So what", the music lover may rightly say. What makes Lundberg worthy of true respect is his absolute dedication to whatever music he is playing. He gives his all. Combined with his phenomenal technique, this makes for an exciting listening experience whatever he plays.

For this portrait CD he has chosen a diversified range of compositions, from Martinsson to Ferneyhough, from Vaggione to Aldo Clementi. In the duets and ensemble pieces he is more than ably assisted by three other outstanding Swedish musicians, Per Enoksson (violin, viola), Mats Rondin (violoncell), and Olle Sjöberg (piano).

Vaclav Kucera "Duodramma"
Brian Ferneyhoug "Time & Motion Study 1"
Bo Rydberg "Sultana"
Horacio Vaggione "Tar"
Christer Lindvall "Blow"
Aldo Clementi "Berceuse"
Rolf Martinsson "Triptyk"

- FYCD 1001, 1991