Workshop with LYDIA LUNCH

5 Sep 2017 - 11:00
6 Sep 2017 - 11:00

JAZZ ÄR FARLIGT / TÄNK PÅ DÖDEN / KONSPIRATIONEN PRESENTS "From the Page to the Stage" a workshop led by writer, performer, provocateur Lydia Lunch.

An artist who has collaborated with dozens of musicians, writers, artists,
and filmmakers, Lydia shares her vision and frames a process designed to
encourage creativity and collaboration as an important means of artistic
expression and personal growth. From the Page to the Stage is about
artistic empowerment and motivation. Participants are given tools to
explore the power of their own voices and translate that energy to the
stage. Lydia will perform a variety of different types of texts, both with
and without music, and embolden others to experiment with their own
material—encouraging creators to feel confident to read and perform in
public, whether their expression is poetry, novels, stories or essays.
Lydia and participants will present, discuss, and work their way through
imaginative written materials, including Lydia’s own work in progress. For
those who would like to experience public performance but do not write
original material, Lydia encourages people to bring a text they would like
to perform, or she is happy to provide inspiration by choosing a text for

From the Page to the Stage fosters an environment in which creators can
learn together how to be more adept at their craft; how they can organize
and manage their time to move projects forward and in which the
hierarchical, dominator paradigm can be further subverted by the vigilant
intention to transform our learned ways of relating to ourselves and one
another within this powerful action of collaboration/co-creation.

The From the Page to the Stage workshop model can provide a haven of
inspiration, encouragement and a sense of community in these difficult
times—a space of protection and clarity to listen and share the deep
language of the body; the creative impulse; the desire to collaborate and
the methods to invoke; the experience of time, space and accomplishment
unfettered by the anxieties of funding and recognition.

During two days Lydia will have a one day off workshop at Fylkingen in Stockholm during 5th and 6th of september:

Day one, 5th of september 350 sek, 11.00-15.00 (SOLD OUT)
Day two, 6th of september 350 sek, 11.00-15.00

Bästa workshop-deltagare i Stockholm!

Förbered en text på fem minuter.
Det kan vara vilken text som helst på engelska.
En text som ni verkligen vill läsa samt utskriven som ni tar med er till Fylkingen.
Det kan vara något just Du skrivit eller något som någon annan har skrivit.
Till och med en text som självaste Lydia har skrivit.
Allt är välkommet.
Vi börjar ca 11.00. Kaffe kommer att finnas och vi tar paus när det passar.
Men tar gärna med er en lätt lunch.
Vi vet inte riktigt när vi slutar.
Detta är lite upp till er och Lydia men prell-tiden är 15.00.
Samma tider gäller båda dagarna.
Ni behöver inte vara stora författare för att delta.
Vi skapar ett rum för att ni ska möta varandra och få så mycket utav det.
Kvinnor från olika generationer, färger och storlekar för att ge varandra stöd i att uttrycka oss med hjälp utav en text.

Vi ses nästa vecka, kul!

Best Witches!

Lydia & Jazz Är Farligt

Medlemsproduktion: Per Åhlund