28 Dec 2017 - 30 Dec 2017

Intensive Butoh Workshop December 28-30 2017

An introduction to the vibrant world of butoh through KAI-EN butoh method.
The method is based on SU-EN butoh method, which is KAI-EN´s training background.
The aim is explicitly artistic - to create a dancing and performing body.
No previous butoh or other dance training is required, though you are expected to work hard both physically and mentally.

The body is the centre of the work.
In butoh, the body and the consciousness are pushed towards an intention of becoming other - other living beings, organic processes and forces.
Butoh evokes an intense relation with the world through all senses.
Through this process the body's relationship with the world is shifted. The body and the space becomes alive.

KAI-EN´s work engage in the subtle but radical qualities of becoming.
Through erasure, withdrawal and surrender, the body’s conditions of existence in the world are shifted.
At its core lies a desire to become landscape - the body´s co-existence with the ever-shifting, diverse and vibrant universe.


December 28-30 2017
10 am - 5 pm

Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2
Stockholm, Sweden

Workshop fee: 1 500 SEK

Send your application with a short description of who you are and your motivations to info@kai-enbutoh.se


Butoh originated in Japan in the late 50´s, in Tokyo´s avant-garde movement. The main founder is considered to be Tatsumi Hijikata. It has since then developed and spread over the world through artists working closely to him and their students and groups. The work is transmitted from body to body in a teacher/student relation, yet developed through each artists work.

KAI-EN studied with Swedish choreographer and butoh artist SU-EN from 2005-2010.
Through her final examination and solo performance project About Face in 2010,
she was given the name KAI-EN (SEA SHELL-GARDEN) which signifies the living link from SU-EN's body and SU-EN butoh method.
Since 2010 she produces performances and dance work in the name of KAI-EN Butoh Company.

SU-EN studied in Tokyo from 1988-1994 with the Tomoe Shizune & Hakutobo group where the legendary dancer Yoko Ashikawa was choreographing and teaching.
The base of SU-EN butoh method was developed from the Shizune/Ashikawa method.

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Photo: Ida Gavois 2013