FRIM på Fylkingen #11

17 Jan 2019 - 19:30

Välkommen till FRIM på FYLKINGEN #11! Säsongens första konsert!!!!

Denna gång bjuds det på två underbara duos. Den ena är violin-duon med Lina Lapelyte och Angharad Davies. Den andra är trum- och saxofon duon med Signe Emmeluth och Kresten Osgood.

Dörrarna öppnas 19.30.
Endast kortbetalning


Signe Emmeluth (DK) - Alto Saxophone
Kresten Osgood (DK) - Drums

The duo is reaching as far into the spontaneous, abstract and intuitive. playing completely improvised music.

Signe Emmeluth is one of the most original sounding altosaxplayers coming up on the scandinavian scene today. She is danish but has been working out of Oslo for some years now. She leads several great bands and has been collaborating with such artists as John Edwards, Pascal Niggenkemper and Paal Nilsson Love. Kresten Osgood is a fixture of the Copenhagen scene and has collaborated with Paul Bley, Yusef Lateef, Oliver Lake, Masabumi Kikuchi and many more. He is a deeply personal player and has been releasing a string of great albums over the past 20 years.

Apart from working together as a duo Kresten and Signe also collaborate in the quartet KONGE with fellow musicians Ole Morten Vågan and Mats Gustafson.

Lina Lapelyte (LT) - Violin and Electronics
Angharad Davies (UK) - Violin

Lina Lapelyte is an artist, composer, musician and performer. She says of her practice, ‘it can be placed ‘in-between’; in-between classical and experimental, music and fine art, composing and improvising.’ Initially trained as a classical violinist in Lithuania Lina showed an interest in experimental music from early on. Through her work she has also been questioning the importance of musical training.

Angharad Davies is a Welsh violinist working with free-improvisation, compositions and performance. Her approach to sound involves attentive listening and exploring beyond the sonic confines of her instrument, her classical training and performance expectation.

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