Lars-Gunnar Bodin - Clouds

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Lars-Gunnar Bodin, Swedish composer and graphic artist, was one of those who during the first half of the 60's tried to integrate elements of different fields of art in his works: instrumental music, tapes, texts, actions, projections etc.

In Clouds (1972-76) he developed an advanced form of musical drama involving electronic music in 8 channels, singers, dancers and slide and film projections on five screens. The music on this record is a shortened version of Clouds, especially created for this medium.

This CD re-issue also includes Lars-Gunnar Bodin's both pieces For Jon II and Syner (Visions)

Ilona Maros, soprano
Margaretha Ljunggren, mezzosoprano
Anne-Marie Mühle, alto

- FYCD 1023, 2005

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