Door opens at 19:00 - Concert starts 19:30

Núria Andorrà (feat. Casey Moir & Hara Alonso)

Núria Andorrà is one of the most exciting percussionist from Barcelona’s music scene. As improviser she has has collaborated with Agustí Fernández, Le Quan Nihn, Ingar Zach, Mats Gustafsson, Pablo Ledesma, Nate Wooley, Frances-Marie Uitti, Joe Morris, Fred Frith and Joëlle Léandre among many others. She has been involved within different contemporary music ensembles: Icarus Ensemble, Abstrai Ensemble, Barcelona 216, Kammart and Patschwork Ensemble.

Besides, she is the artistic director of the MontMusic Festival and Improject Ensemble. She teaches improvisation at the ESMUC and give workshops. She has been a percussion teacher in Conservatory of music of the diputació de Tarragona and Conservatory of Liceu from Barcelona.


Alexandra Nilsson

Alexandra Nilsson is a composer and musician based in Stockholm. She mainly composes and performs with trumpet or other objects and live-electronics.

Her work stretches between sound art, noise, electronica and free improvisation. The interaction and borderland between acoustic and electronic sound worlds is of great interest to her. She is interested in discovering and researching physical materials, both soundwise, visually and contextually. In one of her latest project she is researching the sound world of stones, mainly limestone and sandstone from her childhood shores.

Lyrical as well as brutal, minimalist and maximalist, organic and non-organic, she creates both order and chaos.

Yorgos Stavridis

Musician, sound artist, primarily percussionist and composer.
He explores the sonic range of percussion instruments in continuous interplay with electronic media and technology.
Approaching sound texture and timbre as the main elements for interpreting and making music, Yorgos emphasises improvisation as a source of musical expression, responding through immediate action and playfulness to the temporality and site specificity of sound and music.
He studied Instrumental and Electroacoustic composition at the Ionian University and classical percussion at the Athens Conservatoire.
Currently he is part of the master CoPeCo (Contemporary Music and Composition).

DJ Isla de Atlas at the bar

Medlemsproduktion: Hara Alonso