FRIM på Fylkingen #16

10 Oct 2019 - 19:30

FRIM/Fylkingen member: 80kr

Asger Thomsen Solo

Asger Thomsen – Double Bass & Objects

The solo project of Asger Thomsen is an exploration of radical approaches to the double bass as an acoustic sound source. Inspired by noise, concrete sound, and free improvisation the music is a disquiet meditation on unbridled sound. In 2019 Thomsen is releasing his second album for solo bass in collaboration with SØVN records.

Asger Thomsen is a bass player and composer living in Copenhagen, Denmark. He works primarily in the field of contemporary improvised music. With a physical, detail-oriented approach and a rich palette of sounds often strengthened by the use of unconventional extended techniques, he aims for contrast and dynamic forward motion in his music. Thomsen has established himself as a versatile improviser on the Copenhagen scene, and tours internationally. He leads or co-leads projects such as Perfect Volume, Our Hearts as Thieves, Den Polyvalente Hjelm, and Magpie.

“Thomsen has a strong instinct for structure, which ensures direction and cohesiveness, even during the music’s most free-flowing moments.” – Bill Meyer, Downbeat

Educated at Syddansk Musikkonservatorium, Esbjerg (Bachelor) and Rythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen (Music Performance, Master Degree).

He has performed with Jesper Zeuthen, Eliot Cardinaux, Axel Dörner, Sture Ericson, Kresten Osgood, Akira Sakata, Emilio Gordoa, and many others. Toured in Denmark, Germany, Poland, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and USA.


Julien Desprez, guitar.
Mette Rasmussen, saxophone.

The Hatch gives us a live set of their intensely and extreme duo work.
The band consists of the French guitarist Julien Desprez and Danish, Trondheim based saxophone player Mette Rasmussen.
The two first met in the Swedish band Fire! Orchestra, and has since played together in various bands and projects, the Quartet BiC, with Ingebrigt Haaker Flaten on bass and Danish drummer Mads Forsby. And with Rob Mazurek / Julien Desprez ensemble T (R) OPIC.



Her ability to move between the often strict confines of genres and explore the elements is on full display throughout all her projects. In solo affairs as well as in collaborations, she has encapsulated her own personal vision of the role of the saxophone, often turning it into a complete physical experience. Embracing her audience with sonic altitude and prolific melody lines, rocketing a more prosaic stem. Her performances ties together audience and artist, and embodies the energy between the two.

In the resent year she has been touring with among others Godspeed You! Black Emperor throughout France, Australia and USA, Chris Corsano throughout Europe and Japan, Sofia Jernberg throughout Australia, her own band consisting of Torbjörn Zetterberg, Johan Berthling, Raymond Strid, Paul Lytton, and been doing an extensive amount of solo shows all over the world. And been in projects and doing collaborations with among others, MoE, Sofia Jernberg, Craig Taborn, Barry Guy and Zeena Parkins.


Is a musician and performer based in Paris. Jazz and rock were his early musical love affairs but they evolved rapidly into free forms where body and space find their places through sound. As his practice progressed, his conception and approach to his instrument as well, and music and space changed. He is now considering the guitar more like a battery, an organ, a modifiable instrument deployable at will.

Julien is also a co-founder of the Collectif Coax, a music cooperative based in Paris and created back in 2008, which has grown to be a center point and power field over the last 10 years in Paris. He also played with Charlie Haden, Jeanne Added, Louis Sclavis, Stephane Payen, Tortoise and Hasse Poulsen.

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