Shows for Shows / Live dance & screen performance


Live dance & screen performance
Animalarium / Lena Kimming, Liv Schellander & Alexandra Wingate

We present ourselves in an arena, you’re sitting all around us, close to us, as we perform for you. There is a big screen too. Sometimes we perform for the screen. You can look at us or the film being made. It is all happening simultaneously. Offscreen and onscreen narratives, reality and illusion, pulling your gaze between the two.

Our arena and screen are a space for epic drama, ambiguity of species, rhythmic drills, sensuous fields and shameless staging. Comical and uncanny, grand and intimate, this dance performance playfully moves in-between animal and human, control and rapture, entertainment and empathy.

In our work we propose ourselves as domesticated human animals and strive to create an intriguing connection between entertainment and shows using humans and those using other animals. Embracing the legacy of our embodied personal histories with human’s expanding existence on screens we ask: What does it mean to perform as human animals in the 21st century?

Shows for Shows is created in collaboration with composer Cha Blasco, light designer Peter Widell and with director, composer and sound designer Eric Sjögren as dramaturgical support.

The presentation is made possible with the support of BMKOES Austria, 3:e Våningen and Fylkingen Stockholm.

For more info visit Animalariums website

Shows for Shows is created by Animalarium, an international group and collaboration by Alexandra Wingate (SE), Lena Kimming (SE/UK) and Liv Schellander (AT). In their work and research they are interested in questioning human-centric narratives about our relationship to nature, other species, gender and each other at large. They create dance works using cameras and streaming in combination with live IRL performance. Aiming to investigate the screen as a performance space and consumerists haven, striving to highlight how „the power of a show format“ can affect and shape the behaviour, thoughts and emotions of the performing subjects and their audience.

Alexandra Wingate:
Lena Kimming:
Liv Schellander:
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Foto: Peter Widell