Michael J. Schumacher & Oda Brekke


Doors: 19:30
Tickets: 150SEK (Regular), 100SEK (Student, member, unemployed)
Tickets: https://secure.tickster.com/sv/f2fg88ut7k2rbhz/products

We’re happy to invite composer and sound artist Michael J. Schumacher (US), who will present a program of multichannel sound pieces, alongside a performance by dancer and choreographer Oda Brekke in the bar area.

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Michael J. Schumacher has innovated in the areas of spatialized sound and algorithmic composition since the 1990s, creating multi-channel, generative "Room Pieces" presented in galleries, museums, concert halls, public and private spaces. XI records has published a DVD of five sound installations as computer applications, playable on up to eight speakers, to create sound environments in the home. His building-wide installation at EMPAC, in Troy New York, ran 24/7 for one year. The "PMCSS” is a complete 8 channel sound system that fits in a suitcase, with which he has toured the US and Europe, giving concerts in unconvential spaces such as homes and libraries as well as more traditional venues.

His interest in the intersections of musical form, architecture and social spaces led to the founding, in 1996, of Diapason Sound Art, a gallery devoted to the presentation of multi-channel sound installations, long-duration performances and intermedia artworks. In its 15 years of existence Diapason presented over 300 artists, at a time when sound art was emerging as a distinct practice in the United States.

Schumacher is the music director of the Liz Gerring Dance Company and performs regularly with choreographer Sally Silvers.

Schumacher studied music composition with Stanley Applebaum, John Eaton and Vincent Persichetti and piano with Seymour Bernstein and John Ogdon, and has degrees from Indiana University and Juilliard. He also worked with La Monte Young and Milton Babbitt. He has collaborated with choreographers, poets, architects, musicians and filmmakers including Oren Ambarchi, Bruce Andrews, Tom Chiu, Charles Curtis, Tetsu Inuoue, Ken Jacobs, Victoria Meyers, Donald Miller, Ursula Scherrer and Stephen Vitiello.

Photo: Michael Yu

Oda Brekke, born in Bergen (1994) is a dancer and choreographer living in Stockholm. She works as a performer and maker in Norway, Sweden and internationally across Europe.
Her choreographic work is characterised by a material approach to perception, favouring detail to total overview: inviting audience and performers to space out. She is curious of dwelling with rooms and the things inhabiting them– tricking the sense of linear time, utilitarian relationships to objects and the narrative of stable subjects in control of their environment.

Cut: a choreo-essay
This performance is an attempt to speak out loud in public about/through/with various material I have developed together with Lisa Schåman and Tuuli Vahtola the last year under the title 'dead dead document'. At times the score will be to describe the task itself as I am performing it, at times I aim to ponder upon themes related to the work that I am interested in such as documentation of dance and its place in the archive, the notion of leftovers, the horror of abjection and photography as a medium without anticipation.

Thanks to Eva Meyer-Keller, Anders Paulin and Tuija Roberntz for witnessing, talking and sharing your thoughts on the materials and topics throughout the last year.