Spring at Fylkingen 2023


Dear Friends of Fylkingen!

With this presentation of selected concerts, sound artworks, performances and dance performances during the spring, Fylkingen proudly sets off the celebration of 90 years as a stage and production house for new music and art. We have invited a number of guests, among them Austrian musician, composer, and key figure in electronic music Christian Fennesz; Clara de Asís, a Spanish composer and sound artist who explores the phenomenology of listening; as well as Chicago-based renowned media artist and composer Maria Block. These and a number of international artists share the stage with carefully chosen local artists.

Legendary Swedish artist, composer, poet, and mathematician Catherine Christer Hennix and her just intonation Kamigaku Ensemble perform a new work in March, a co-production between the Edition Festival for Other Music and Fylkingen. In the Multichannel series, our new multiple speaker system is examined in programs such as Swedish Music Spring, presenting new Fylkingen commissions. We are planning a series of weekend workshops for children and youth and on International Women’s Day, March 8, Fylkingen's first female honorary member Beth Laurin will be appointed.

The major program launch was made possible thanks to a post pandemic “re-start” grant from the Swedish Arts Council. Please note that member productions will be added as we go, and that intensive work is underway for this summer's 90th anniversary festival at the premises where Fylkingen has been resident since 1986, a venue that the association must leave by the end of the year. The search for a new space continues.


March 3, concert
XKatedral n.15 - Slavic Folk Songs & Tom Mudd
Ansis Bētiņš and Artūrs Čukurs singing a selection of Slavic Folk Songs and Tom Mudd presenting his work within the realm of physical modelling and algorithmic gutter synthesis.
Ansis Bētiņš and Artūrs Čukurs are a newly formed vocal duo from Riga, Latvia. Driven by their interest in singing traditions of various periods, regions, and styles, they have created a collection of polyphonic folk songs and spiritual chants from diverse Slavic singing traditions based on oral traditions and melodies. With emphasis on Ukrainian songs, they tell stories of loneliness, longing for home, peace, and freedom; nature and the divine, and of love that hurts, heals, and brings peace. The songs are performed without amplification or accompaniment.
Ansis Bētiņš is a singer and musician from Riga, Latvia. His repertoire extends from Renaissance to contemporary music. His work in ancient music and as a freelance actor are connected through his interest in language and rhetoric.
Artūrs Čukurs is a theatre artist and musician from Riga, Latvia. With a keen interest in collective creation methods, he is driven by a desire for diversity and is always seeking new ways to blend musical and theatrical experiences together.
Tom Mudd (UK) makes music with computers. Recent work revolves around physical models: digital synthesis processes based on physical simulations of acoustic objects and instruments. Brass Cultures (Fancyyyyy) uses massed brass synthesis: digital models of physically improbable brass instruments being played by algorithms.

March 4
Multichannel: Marja Ahti & Helene Hedsund
Marja Ahti (b. 1981) is a Swedish-Finnish artist working in composition, installation and cross-disciplinary performance in field recordings, digital processing and acoustic instrumentation. Ahti has presented her music in many different contexts around Europe, in Japan and the United States. She is currently active in the duo Ahti & Ahti with her partner Niko-Matti Ahti and in the artist/organizer collective Himera. In a recent 15questions.net interview, Marja Ahti characterised her work: “With detailed sound, you attune your attention to your instrument, to the nuances of tone interaction, to the timbre of a sounding object, the grain and resonance of a sounding environment or to feelings or sensations that arise with them.”
Helene Hedsund (b. 1963) is an electroacoustic composer who in the 1980s played bass and synths in alternative rock bands such as Nevsky Prospekt. Since 2008, she devotes herself to multi-channel music and her compositions have been played on Swedish and German radio as well as at concerts internationally. Helene tailors instruments based on her pieces and has made music for art exhibitions, dance and theater, taught at EMS and worked as a programmer. She often makes everyday field recordings that grow into works, such as the leaf blowers on William Street in Birmingham recorded and interpreted through a piano’s interiors. The University of Birmingham is also where she received her doctorate in composition in 2020.
Production: Fylkingen

March 8
Beth Laurin – By the way II – talks, music and film screening
The appointment of Beth Laurin as an honorary Fylkingen member is celebrated with talks and screenings of her works "Spiders in the Snow" (1986, filmed performance), "Sound Sculpture" (1984) and "Pebbles" (1981, video work). Since the 1960s, Beth Laurin has developed an impressive body of work in sculpture, drawing, photography and video, where found objects, personal material, texts and newspaper clippings are important parts. She has exhibited extensively in and outside Sweden and is richly represented with public works. She is less well known as a performance and sound artist, but the many works composed by Beth Laurin have contributed to the position she has conquered in art circles as an artists' artist.

March 9
CONCERT & ALBUM releases FRIM at Fylkingen #44
Playon Crayon, Shakeeb Abu Hamdan, Strzalek/Nilsson
Playon Crayon: Susana Santos Silva, trumpet; David Stackenäs, guitar; Elsa Bergman, double bass; Matilda Rolfsson, drums; Julia Strzalek, alto saxophone; Cornelia Nilsson, drums; Shakeeb Abu Hamdan, percussion and electronics.
A night featuring two album releases from Playon Crayon and the Strzalek/Nilsson duo, respectively, and a special solo percussion and electronics performance by Shakeeb Abu Hamdan. Playon Crayon is the brainchild of Elsa Bergman and features her unique approach to graphic scores that are crafted for each member of the ensemble—an ensemble of artists with unique and colourful languages within the free improvised community.
FRIM is also releasing a new record by the boisterous new duo composed of Julia Strzalek on alto saxophone and Cornelia Nilsson on drums.
Shakeeb Abu Hamdan creates textural worlds that expose his deft approach to amplified and processed percussion.
Production: FRIM

March 11, dance, performance
Animalarium / Lena Kimming, Liv Schellander & Alexandra Wingate
Shows for Shows is created by Animalarium, an international group and collaboration by Alexandra Wingate (SE), Lena Kimming (SE/UK) and Liv Schellander (AT).
They investigate human-centric narratives about relationships to nature, other species, gender and each other. The dance works are created using cameras and streaming in combination with live IRL performance. Aiming to investigate the screen as a performance space and consumerists haven, striving to highlight how the power of a show format can affect and shape the behaviour, thoughts and emotions of the performing subjects and their audience. Their description of the work: “It is all happening simultaneously. Offscreen and onscreen narratives, reality and illusion, pulling your gaze between the two. What does it mean to perform as human animals in the 21st century?”
Created in collaboration with composer Cha Blasco, light designer Peter Widell and with director, composer and sound designer Eric Sjögren as dramaturgical support.
Production: 3:e Våningen, with the support of BMKOES Austria.

March 16 – concert, please note, sold out!
Swedish artist, composer, poet, and mathematician Catherine Christer Hennix (b. 1948) and her just intonation* Kamigaku Ensemble perform a new work in which precision-tuned and continuously sustained tones on trumpet and shō—a Japanese free-reed mouth organ—harmonically coalesce in a framework of intervallic modalities constituted in part by electronically enhanced combination tones. This arrangement of the ensemble features Marcus Pal on electronics; Ellen Arkbro, Susana Santos Silva, and Hilary Jeffery on trumpet; and Hennix on shō. This concert is CC Hennix’s first in Stockholm since 1976, and part of Sixth Edition Festival for Other Music. Catherine Christer Hennix currently resides in Istanbul, where she is pursuing studies in classical Arabic and Turkish maqam.
Production: Ideell Edition – Festival for New Music and Fylkingen.
A co-production between the Edition Festival for Other Music and Fylkingen.
* Tuning where intervals (the differences between the notes) can be represented by a whole number ratio: 9/8, 6/5, 5/4, 4/3, 3/2, etc.

March 18, concert
Multichannel: Michael J. Schumacher + Oda Brekke
Based in New York, Michael J. Schumacher has worked with spatialized sound, computers, and electronics since the 1980s, creating multi-channel, generative "Room Pieces" presented in galleries, museums, concert halls, and public and private spaces. The pieces and sound installations Michael performs are particularly adapted to Fylkingen’s stage. His interest in the intersections of musical form, architecture and social spaces led to the founding, in 1996, of Diapason Sound Art, a gallery devoted to the presentation of multi-channel sound installations, long-duration performances and intermedia artworks. In its 15 years of existence Diapason presented over 300 artists, at a time when sound art was emerging as a distinct practice in the United States. Schumacher is the music director of the Liz Gerring Dance Company and performs regularly with choreographer Sally Silvers. He has worked with La Monte Young, Giampaolo Bracali, and Milton Babbit and collaborated with choreographers, poets, architects, musicians, and filmmakers including Oren Ambarchi, Tom Chiu, Charles Curtis, Liz Gerring, Ken Jacobs, Victoria Meyers, and Stephen Vitiello.
Oda Brekke, born in Bergen (1994) is a dancer and choreographer living in Stockholm. She works as a performer and maker in Norway, Sweden and internationally across Europe.
Her choreographic work is characterised by a material approach to perception, favouring detail to total overview: inviting audience and performers to space out. She is curious of dwelling with rooms and the things inhabiting them – tricking the sense of linear time, utilitarian relationships to objects and the narrative of stable subjects in control of their environment.
Her most recent work When there’s only surface left, developed with composer Hara Alonso (among others) premiered at Weld in Stockholm 2021 and has been presented internationally at Zagreb Museum of Contemporary Art within the festival IMPROSPEKCIJE, Bergen Kjøtt and at Dance Cooperative in Copenhagen.
In 2019 Oda was part of co-founding the collective studio space höjden in Stockholm, a collegial platform and common resource for autonomous production and artistic exchange. As an organiser at höjden she is interested in gathering audience and peers for workshops and performances, readings and conversations.
In 2020 she was part of the editorial team behind the publication ‘Art as Object|Art as Practice’ with Anders Paulin, Emilia Gasiorek and Runa Borch Skolseg published by the venue Skogen in Gothenburg.
She received her BA in Dance Performance at DOCH/Stockholm University of the Arts (2017) and has further completed courses such as Methods in Artistic Writing (2018), How Dance Thinks (2019) and Dance and Philosophy (2020)
As a performer Oda has worked with choreographers such as Karen Eide Bøen, Leah Landau, Gry Tingskog, Ellen Söderhult and Mira Mutka among others.
2021-2022 she was artist in residence at Veem house for Performance in Amsterdam, Konstepidemin in Gothenburg, the Swedish institute in Paris and Ufer studios Berlin.
Production: Fylkingen

March 21, concert
Four Fylkingen commissioned multichannel pieces by the composers Hara Alsonso, Leo Correira de Verdier, David Granström and Paul Pignon. Three live acts by Paul Purgas, Luka Aron and WOL.
”Migrations” for nine speakers and video is an ethnographic collage of concerts and friendships from Fylkingen by Hara Alonso (SE/ES), pianist and composer based in Stockholm. Her music blends electronic and instrumental elements that generate complex and imaginative sound universes. Her creative practice questions the hegemonic narratives surrounding music and technology by redefining its tools and knowledge. Using improvisation, somatics, physicality, DIY interfaces and coding, Hara composes new sound systems and languages.
Leo Correia Verdier’s music is austere, with shifting rhythmic patterns and a detailed sound world. She is a composer who works with the social aspects of music. Many of her pieces have ritual qualities. Leo Correia Verdier writes for various kinds of ensembles and instruments, from solo oboe, prepared harp¸ sewing machine with a powerful and slushy sound, electronics, choir and orchestra. Leo has written music for Hidden Mother, Duo EN, among others. D.E., Stockholm County Wind Symphony and Pearls for Pigs. She has studied at the Royal College of Music, at the Piteå Academy of Music, Gotland's School of Composers and Janáckova Conservator v Ostrave.
”A light radiates into tomorrow” by David Granström (b. 1983) is generative music in medium tone tempering for twelve speakers. Granström is a composer and musician, originally from Umeå and based in Stockholm since 2009. His music is characterized by harmonious simplicity and spatial complexity and most often consists of synthetic sound material. Part of Granström's practice consists of exploring methods for working with algorithmic composition and sound synthesis in real time as well as precision-tuned harmonics, a work that is realized through tools developed in the programming environment SuperCollider. He creates systems that generate musical material and then integrates the results with the electric guitar and other physical sound sources.
“Live, Together” by Paul Pignon came about as a work created on the Synthi 100 at the Radio Belgrade Electronic Studio. Pignon invited 10 colleagues from all over the world to record short duets as material for this piece. These recordings provided a raw material which he edited and assembled electronically with 3-D spatialization. Paul Pignon (b. 1939 in the UK) studied physics at Oxford, while there made first forays into non-idiomatic improvisation (1961). Cofounder of the Radio Belgrade Electronic Studio. In 1986 moved to Sweden, composing and developing computer music software at EMS. Active as composer of electronic and instrumental works, and real-time composer on single reeds, didgeridoo, recorders, WX5, voice, and laptop.

Paul Purgas is an artist and musician working with sound, performance and installation. Originally trained as an architect, his output explores cultural and sonic histories and their dialogues with the present, perceived through narratives of design, music and spiritual philosophy. He is one half of the electronic music project Emptyset working with electroacoustic and computer music, broadcasting and spatialised sound, and is the editor of the upcoming book of essays ‘Subcontinental Synthesis’ an investigation of India’s first electronic music studio, scheduled for release in September through Strange Attractor/MIT Press.

Luka Aron (born 1994) is a German musician and composer of electroacoustic and minimalist music
based between Berlin and Stockholm. The core of his practice is the spectral fusion of synthesised
sound and acoustic instruments, combining the raw energy of power electronics with the fragility of
the human touch. Aron’s work has been described by The Guardian as “thick, impasto layers of slow-
moving sound that completely command your attention.”
WOL – Wenche Tankred och Lovisa Johansson – is a continuous artistic process that has been going on since 2007. The process takes shape in the borderland between performance and sound art. WOL has shown performance works in Sweden at Moderna museet, Liljevalchs, Kulturhuset, Bildmuseet, Uppsala konstmuseum, Norberg Festival and internationally; such as Counterflows in Glasgow, Colour out of Space in Brighton, Trama festival in Portugal, CREATURE LIVE ART in Kaunas and PAO in Oslo.

Swedish Music Spring is an annual festival and manifestation for contemporary music taking place at some of Stockholm's leading music venues in approximately twenty concerts and seminars featuring ensembles, soloists and conductors.

April 7 concert, performance
John Wiese & Leif Elggren
John Wiese (b. 1977) is a Los Angeles-based artist, composer, noise musician, publisher of books and records, graphic designer and typographer. Recently, Wiese has been in residence at electroacoustic music center Ina/GRM in Paris and presented a program of video works at New York’s Anthology Film Archives. He works with a form of sonic demolition, from blur-grind collision through concrete experiments and beyond.
Leif Elggren (b. 1950) is a Stockholm-based writer, visual conceptual artist, book publisher, stage performer and composer, with many albums to his credit, solo and with the Sons of God, on labels such as Ash International, Touch, Radium and his own Firework Edition. In his experimental stage performances he presents carefully selected sound sources that range from quiet electronics to harsh noise. Together with artist Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Leif Elggren is a founder of the Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland (KREV) where he enjoys the title of King.
Production: Fylkingen

April 16, concert
Multichannel: Olivia Block & Maria W Horn
Olivia Block (b. 1970) is a media artist and composer. She performs live experimental music, where at any given concert she might be playing electronic instruments, piano, organ or amplified objects. Block also creates surround sound concerts, sound installations and scores. Block has performed, premiered and exhibited her work throughout Europe, America, and Japan in tours in festivals and performance series including Incubate (Tilburg), MoogFest, Festival del Bosque Germinal (Mexico City), Sonic Light (Amsterdam), Dissonanze (Rome), Angelica (Bologna), Sunoni per il Popolo (Montreal), and many others. Additionally, she has presented work at the ICA (London), MCA (Chicago), La Biennale di Venezia 52nd International Festival of Contemporary Music, The Kitchen (NYC), ISSUE Project Room, Experimental Intermedia (Brooklyn), and TIFF (Toronto).
Maria W Horn (b. 1989). Based on minimalist structures, Maria W Horn’s music explores the inherent spectral properties of sound and their ability to transcend time and space, reality and dream. Her compositions implement synthetic sound, electroacoustic and acoustic instruments and audio-visual components, often devising generative and algorithmic processes to control timbre, tuning and texture. She employs a varied instrumentation ranging from analogue synthesizers to choir, string instruments, pipe organ and chamber music formats. Acoustic instruments are often paired with digital synthesis techniques, in order to extend the instruments timbral capacities. Marias installation work explores the inherent memory and mythologies of specific places or geographic areas and the people that have inhabited them.
Production: Fylkingen

April 28, concert
Fennesz & Mats Erlandsson
Austrian guitarist, composer, and electronic musician Christian Fennesz (b. 1962) is recognized as one of the most distinctive voices of electronic music today. In the beginning of the 1990s, Fennesz became involved with Viennese techno scene. Though formally educated in guitar and ethnomusicology from an early age, Fennesz decided to pursue composing and developing his own sound world in the distinctive electronic idiom. By plugging his guitar into his laptop and transforming and processing it, he managed to create a specific sound that is difficult to mistake for another’s.
Mats Erlandsson (b. 1985) is a musician, sound artist, composer of electronic music, and part of the vibrantly reemerging field of drone music in Stockholm. His primary focus is on contrapuntal processes, intonation, the relationship between texture and spectral information, and extended durations. He is associated with practices characterized by the extensive use of sustained sound. In addition to his own artistic practice, Erlandsson holds a position as studio assistant at Elektronmusikstudion (EMS) in Stockholm. Erlandsson presents his work both as a solo artist and in collaborations, most notably together with Yair Elazar Glotman.
Production: Fylkingen

May 5, concert
Marcia Bassett & Jon Collin
Marcia Bassett is a NYC-based musician, performer, and artist known for her innovative and unconventional approach to music. Her work explores areas of sound collage, improvisation, and immersive audio-visual environments. Whether working with traditional instruments or electronic media, Bassett constantly pushes the boundaries of sound and image to create a heady sonic interplay of otherworldly narratives that are equal parts trance and critique. She is the founder of Yew Recordings. Recent solo recordings include Midnight Xpander LP recorded at the EMS (Stockholm); Undulating Arkasboning cassette released on Artsy Records (2022), and a Digi-EP, Altering The Form, on the Belgian KraakRecords label KRUT. Marcia frequently joins others in collaborative installations and multimedia projects. Recent work includes FA/CE sound and live visual collaboration with Ursula Scherrer; Buchla Music Easel improvisation with Ted Gordon; sound and video collaboration with Katherine Liberovskaya; Social Entropy, a 4-channel sound installation at Human Resources, LA; group collaboration with Margarida Garcia, David Maranha and Manuel Mota, and guitar and violin improvisations with Samara Lubelski.
Jon Collin is an artist and musician from Lancashire, UK, now living and working in Sweden. He makes abstract music with acoustic and electric stringed instruments in non-studio locations, and recent solo releases include the LPs Bridge Variations (Discreet Music, Sweden) and Water & Rock Music Volumes 5-6 (Feeding Tube Records, USA). His collaborative work includes two releases with Demdike Stare and recordings of live performances with Sarah Hughes and Bill Nace. Jon runs the record label Early Music and ran the tape label project Winebox Press.

May 20, concert, album release
Fylkingen Records
Johannes Bergmark, Lisa Skog, Lisa Stenberg.
Produktion: FYREC

May 19, concert, album release
Clara de Asís & Kajsa Lindgren
Kajsa Lindgren is a Swedish composer, sound-artist and sound designer dedicated to exploring ways of creating immersive musical experiences through different sound sources, tools and expressions. She mainly works with field recordings and different ways to approach and perform them, through spatial, multichannel distribution as well as within more traditional formats. Her work includes electroacoustic compositions, sound installations, and compositions for acoustic traditional instruments. She is also a teacher in composition and studio engineering at Elektronmusikstudion (EMS), and has taught electroacoustic composition and music production at Lilla Akademien. In November 2023 Kajsa will hold a second residency at Ina/GRM in Paris.
Clara de Asís is a composer and sound artist who explores the nexus of acoustics, spatiality, alternative notation and the phenomenology of attention. Her work focuses on sound perception, incorporating electronics and analogue synthesis to idiosyncratic combinations of diverse materials and found objects. Her compositions, mostly for small ensembles and within collaborative settings, juxtapose structural precision to areas of indeterminacy, drawing from an interest in intonation, timbral research and the junction of rational and intuitive systems. Along with her solo practice, she has created a wide variety of works in alliance with other artists and within long-term collaborations. She has performed extensively across Europe, the United States, South America and Asia. She has been an artist-in-residence at Experimental Sound Studio (Chicago), Tsonami (Valparaíso), Q-O2 (Brussels), and Vibrant Matter (Berlin), among others. Her music is published on the labels Another Timbre (UK), Elsewhere (US), Erstwhile (US), Marginal Frequency (US), Pilgrim Talk (US), Blank Mind (UK). She also coruns the publishing platform Discreet Editions
Production: Fylkingen

May 25, concert
Corey Fogel & Amina Hocine
Corey Fogel (b. 1977) is a drummer and artist living in Los Angeles, CA. His practice is based in momentary encounters between music and objects, textiles, foods, and other “collaborators”. Fogel challenges the audience to consider the contexts in which we create, store, and understand music performance. Fogel’s works have been presented at Machine Project, Los Angeles; Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Human Resources, Los Angeles; Redling Fine Art, Los Angeles; The Wulf, Los Angeles; The Hammer Museum, Los Angeles; the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Oaxaca, REDCAT; Los Angeles; and New Music for Strings Festival: Reykjavik.
Amina Hocine (b. 1991 Gothenburg) is a composer and instrument creator pursuing a masters in electro acoustic composition at Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Her current work is centred around an instrument she has created, called The foghorn organ or The instrument. It’s a compressed air driven organ, built by PVC pipes and various HVAC bits, inspired by the sound of foghorns. Her compositions revolve around narrative, deep listening and timbre, drawing inspiration from spiritual sciences. She has released three albums, composed music for theatrical plays and for films.

June 3, concert
Multichannel: Mint Park & Julia Giertz + Camilla Vatne Barratt-Due
Mint Park is a Seoul-born artist, researcher and a composer currently based in The Hague; an electronic musician and a new media artist who investigates space, texture, and natural phenomenon in her sound-driven practice. Through scientific experiments and hybrid process of different digital makings, she continuously redefines and questions the existential qualities in binary space and machine-quantified time. Her works have been selected and performed internationally in festivals such as REDCAT New Original Works Festival in Los Angeles and WeSAFestival in Seoul. In 2020 and 2021, Mint Park has been invited to develop and present her new works at EMS in Stockholm, and at iii in The Hague as a guest artist. Mint also directs Unheard Records, a female-curated label focused on minority background electronic musicians.
”Klirret på gulvet” is a collaboration between Julia Giertz (SE) and Camilla Vatne Barratt-Due (NO). The two artists meet to share experiences about bodily listening, electronics, sound synthesis and different kinds of instruments that they have built.
Julia Giertz (b. 1984 in Sweden) is a sound artist whose practice is based in the physical and choreographic qualities of sound. Composition is mixed with sound sculptures and electroacoustic instruments in her practice. The many collaborations she shares with other artists, musicians and choreographers are central to her work. Julia has presented works at the Venice Biennale, Unsound, Intonal, Tensta Konsthall, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, MDT, K3 Hamburg, Norberg and Norrlandsoperan.
Camilla Vatne Barratt-Due (Trondheim/ Berlin) is a sound artist, composer and instrument builder. She works with her own instruments based on pneumatic mechanics, live coding and deconstruction of old accordions. Often also under the stage name Canilla. Her work has been presented in venues such as Transmediale, Akademie der Künste, Bergen International Festival, Stamfest, Insomnia, Piksel and Black Box theatre.

The program is subject to change, please check Fylkingen Program for updates.