Johannes Bergmark
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I’ve always been most interested in the living meeting that e.g. a concert consists of. A sign of my slow interest in the recorded sound is that this cd took so long to make, in spite of several decisions that different versions of the board and of the FyRec committee that came and went and of course forgot about it, until I confused them by reminding them that this cd is “on its way”.
In spite of everything, the collection in this cd is mostly (with one exception) live concert recordings that constitute a time document from the beginning of a very active period of playing on my instruments, and it’s also a really good cd considered as a listening experience if I might say so, and timeless in that sense.
My first solo cd, by the way.
Now, cds have become retro again, by the way.
Willy Van Buggenhout wrote to me once: “I am listening to your solo concert on Free Music Antverp 1999, what I specially love is that in the sounds you're playing there is no musical instrument recognisable. Great concert!”
Nevertheless, I have been generous enough to contribute a picture on each instrument in the cd booklet, and a short description. But the rest, the listener’s imagination has to contribute with, and that’s what’s interesting anyway.

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