ATOMIZED (part one)

21 Nov 2002 - 18:00

Plats: Stortorget i gamla stan.

akshun 21/22 nov. 02

Darganfydda'r Nefoedd

Press any button and milk and honey flows, the world begins behind your neighbours wall.

Paradoxical as it may seem, the emergence over the last few years of a process of political unification in Europe and the debate over the best forms of "integration" appear to have heightened the uncertainty about the nature of the European territory. To the point where today it can be maintained that Europe is anything but a territory.

We sit in a cold concrete bunker, we crouch under wheels, blood sugar is low.
Mutations, quarantine, border pathology, panic displacement & interrupted sleep.

All life is gold; constellations.
The best performance is the one happening in the present time.

Sustainability of dissension, endowment, casting runes.

Borders establish personality and create or alter subjectivity. Illegal border crossings create brutal breaks with the past: professors are turned into cleaners, people with countless talents and enormous experience become refugees and migrants, compelled to tell stories to the authorities of flight, torture, persecution, starvation and misery which conspires to pigeonhole them - even in the rhetoric of well intentioned supporters - into the role of the victim.

I was born under a fucked up sky
I was born in the centre of a dogs lie
Oh God, how I was born
red with anger
crying out in an unknown tongue

If something happens and no one speaks about it, did it occur?

The akshun performance will take place in three parts. The first one is on Thursday around 5-6pm (look for the startingplace) and the other two will take place on Friday at Fylkingen. The whole event start 7pm. For more information please call 08-84 54 43.

ATOMIZED (part one)
Thursday 21 november 18.00 Stortorget, gamla stan