Nature is Perverse - GOEM

tillbaka till programpunkt

A Russian word for the shops where only the communist party members could buy. Now abolished.

Minimal techno from The Netherlands. Now established.

Frans de Waard - probably most known from his ongoing work with Kapotte Muziek (since 1984), a, group that fully concentrates on recycling through musique concrete. Besides being a member of ambient, group Beequeen, Quest, Shifts and does 'silly' (in his own words), unsolicited preferable remixes as Captain Black. His day-job occupation is with Dutch record company Staalplaat.
Roel Meelkop - visual artist with a strong interest in music. He is a member of the ducth electro-acoustic band THU20, and composes solo under his; own name. Last year Trente Oiseaux released his first solo CD '9 (Holes In The Head)', which was internationally well-received,. Together with Frans de Waard, he is also a member of the live version of Kapotte Muziek.

Peter Duimelinks - besides running the V2-Archief label, also active as a DJ and a former member of, THU20 and the third collaborator in the live version of Kapotte Muziek.

Entirely made with a device called, 'Student Stimulator'. This was found in a thrift store, and it's use is to give rhythmical pulses, to coordinate a steady response The machine is used by Goem to create a wide tapestry of beats, which are, triggered by synths and efx. The result is listening musicl with steady beats. The twelve tracks on 'Stud Stim' were recorded live Ml studio, September - december 1996.

GOEM = Frans de Waard + Roel Meelkop + Peter Duimelinks

Equipment used:Student Stimulator, Korg MS 20, Roland SH 21 Boss SE 50, ART