Production group

Igor Blomberg Traneus
Igor Blomberg Tranæus works with sounds and images at the intersection of stillness and movement, past and present, instant and duration. Member since 2017.
Janna Holmstedt
Visual artist and researcher based in Stockholm, Sweden. Holmstedt works transdisciplinary with various media and contexts with a particular interest in listening. In recent years, she has primarily worked with installations, sonic fictions, text, and performances.
John Chantler
John Chantler makes music with electronics and organs. He has released several acclaimed records for the Australian label ROOM40. John is the artistic director of the Edition Festival for Other Music which takes place in February each year.
Per Piak Krueger
piak (Per Kreuger) works widely with expressions such as video, photo, music, text and dance, as well as documentation and production.