Board / Styrelse

Ordförande / chair person
Josefin Lindebrink
Artist, educator and acoustician active in the intersection between art and science. Her recent work explores and critically examines the role of new technologies in relation to body(matter). She is the acting chair since 2018.
Vice ordförande / vice chair person
Mats Gustafsson
Composer and double bassist in improvised music, jazz, electronic music and contemporary chamber music. Member since 2012 and vice chairperson of the board since 2018.
Sekreterare / Secretary
Geraldine Hudson
Geraldine Hudson (b. 1974) is a British artist and curator based in Stockholm.
Working in various media, specifically explorative drifts, printmaking, installation/assemblage, artists books, and ritual performance. Geraldine has been a board member since 2017.
Kassör / Treasurer
Bo Leth
Born 1985. Serves your beer since 2010. Member of Fylkingen since 2011. Board member since 2015. Summarizes cost items in various cell sheets today. In the background stands the modular synthesizer - its red lights waiting to light up in sequence.
Representant produktionsgruppen / Production group representative
Wolfgang Lehmann
Since 1994 he has realized and produced his own films on 16mm and digital, which were invited for showings at festivals and museums in Europe, North- and South America and Asia.
Since 2006 he is living in Stockholm.
Representant produktionsgruppen / Production group representative
Antonie Grahamsdaughter
Antonie Frank Grahamsdaughter born in Canada, Toronto. She was selected 2016 as some of the most influential European women artists who were video pioneers in the 1970s and 1980s. Today she works with experimental documentaries and films. She writes filmcriticism and curating.
2a vice ordförande / 2nd vice chairperson
Åsa Cederqvist