Josefin Lindebrink


Sound artist, educator and acoustician active in the intersection between art and science. Her recent work explores and critically examines the role of emerging technologies in relation to body(matter). She is the acting chair since 2018.

Antonie Frank Grahamsdaughter

Antonie Frank Grahamsdaughter is a filmmaker/videoartist director and founder of Snowflakes, Contemporary film/Video.
As a videoartist Antonie Frank Grahamsdaughter creates experimentel video art, installations and performances. She also writes film criticism and teaches. She got the "FilmForm Honorary Award" for her experimental work with video and her work has been screened at international film-festivals in Sweden and around the world.

Wolfgang Lehmann

Visuell konstnär, arbetar med abstrakt fotografi och experimentell film (framförallt med 16mm bildmaterial).

Visual artist, works with abstract photography and experimental film (mainly with 16mm film material).

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