A PLAY-OFF, BATTLE, FRIENDLY MATCH, LET´S GET SPORTY – elektronisk ljudmiljö och konsert


TORSDAG: Vernissage kl 19.30
FREDAG & LÖRDAG: Utställningen öppen från kl 15.00, konsert kl 19.30

Johannes Bergmark: förstärkta objekt, skypefeedback Luc Kerléo (Nantes): osynlig skulptur
Tippi: elektroniska konstruktioner och manipulationer samt synthesizers, skypefeedback
+ det elektroniska ljudkollektivet NOISIV:
Séamus O´Donnell (IRL/Berlin): radiosändning + gamla bandspelare, Joffrey Guillon (Bretagne): ombyggda instrument, hardware, elektronik och effekter Jo Frgmnt Grys (DE): egenbyggda bullermaskiner

http://tob.de.vu (fm noise)

Variabel entré: fri entré till utställningen. Till konserterna föreslås 80 kr, 60 kr stud. Ingen avvisas pga bristande ekonomi.
Ta med radioapparater för att delta i utställningen!

You can contribute to the exhibition and concerts wherever you are!
During the opening times, people all over the world are encouraged to call by skype to: jbergmark – when you call, just leave the connection open without headphones but with the speakers on maximum volume in order to produce feedback over the network. You don't have to say anything, but if you want, you can send sounds of your choice or even secretely from another concert you might be attending at the same time!

Register a free skype account at http://www.skype.com/


Johannes Bergmark
plays improvised and live electronic music for invented instruments, selected objects and electronics, among other things. He has made many instruments of his own design and construction (as well as some traditional ones) and makes his own contact microphones.
Bergmark is also an occasional writer, electro-acoustic music - and text-sound composer, sound poet and piano technician. In his attitude a skeptic and surrealist, not an artist. He has, however toured and collaborated with hundreds of other artists worldwide since 15 years.
He also makes sound sculptures, interactive sound installations, performance art and teaches and lectures.
Residing in Stockholm, where he is active mostly in Fylkingen, at EMS and in the Surrealist Group in Stockholm.

Surrealist and Skeptic, physically oscillating between the two continents but mentally boundless. Self uneducated, in daily life speaks a language combined of three.
Scalpels, glue, contact microphones, pincers and circuit bending equipment follow her on her trips as her main fields of activity so far includes collages, performance, objects, sound environments and music.
Conceptual inspirations from science, as well as pure usage of chance meetings in her work, creates a way of escaping easy descriptions of having a certain style. Driven by the spirit of inquiry, styleless and scattered is taking chances to collaborate with anybody ready to take risks of experimentation within art and beyond it.
We are thinking of making a skype feedback and connecting with various people who could contribute to the project by online performance and producing feedback.

Luc Kerléo
from signal to space
I act as a sculptor. For me sculpture is about the relation between volumes and spaces. I mainly work with sound for two reasons. First, compared to visual, sound is a discrete manifestation. Thus I consider one of my preoccupations which is to make people feel a thought without having to cover and hide a part of reality with objects which blocks up or invade the viewing field. Furthermore by listening reality I develop thoughts and reflexion structures which complete our cultural perception of what surrounds us, this perception which on a cultural aspect is mainly based on the visual. Notably the sounding requires us to consider not only what is in front of us but also, and equally, what surrounds us. But then the stake for me is the same than for artists acting in visual. Since it is about representing what surrounds and constitutes us. History and actuality of visual arts (painting, sculpture, installation, drawings, performances) constitute the territory to which I refer and in which I move around. Because they are bridges between thinking and action in reality.
raw technology
Most of the sounds I work with are produced by synthesizers. I design and build myself a part of technological elements that are used in technical systems of my pieces. Thus I can explore sounding forms, in particular volumes, that hi-fi or PA systems couldn't produce. I design my own electronic circuits: generators, amplifiers, filters, timers, etc. Though I'm not an engineer but just a DIYer, I can design circuits and systems which, though they are quite simple, are neither build nor sold because of being outside people usually figure out about sound.
I plan to produce ambiences with my computer transforming sounds of my soundbank. I'm working on an idea of something like a sounding wallpaper, sounds that surrounds visitors.
I also plan to put 1 or 2 little mono speakers plugged on mp3 players to make mini sculptures. I'll bring players and little speakers for that.
Those systems are evolutive so I can react to other's ideas.

Séamus O´Donnell
is an Irish sound artist who is based in Berlin since 1994. He is working on an erray of different projects focused on audio or sonic art, its production and the possible media outlets available or those yet to come. 1999: co-founded noisiV, an ambient noise formation with Joffrey Guillon and FRGMNT and joined the performance art association Gallery SoToDo. 2001: with other musicians developed the reel to reel tape ensemble 6TonBand, for performances and installations. 2002: co- founded TOB (Transmitting Object Behaviors) an FM radio noise experiment, and with other radio enthusiasts founded the association radiokampagne.de to lobby for a free (non-commercial, self-run) radio in Berlin. In the same year started Salon Bruit salonbruit.org , a meeting place for listeners and composers of experimental electronic music and arranged noises. 2005: joined the radioTesla team to present a weekly radio listening lounge at Tesla, Berlin and from 2008 on at the club Ausland. Ongoing participation in different short term local radio projects. Solo performances under the name Lifeloop.
Return to Sender
Four radio receivers and two to four mini-FM transmitters, each transmitting on a different frequency what it is being fed or what it picks up from the near field chaos surrounding it. The transmission between the devices is affected by what frequency the receivers are tuned to, the immediate electro-magnetic field, human presence and furniture. The signal is not a sound loop travelling in the area of intervention, but a spontaneous event, resulting from collective action in perpetual movement.

Born 1963 in Essen/Germany. Studied chemistry, philosophy, mineralogy etc at the Justus-Liebig-University of Giessen then more & more turned towards arts using scientifically influenced thinking to investigate formation of structure from noise & order, from error & law and feedback as his main artistic themes. Grys is working with videosnow, electronics, computers, body & brain. Performs with noisiV (self-made electronics and video manipulations), TOB (transmitters and self-made
electronics) since 2002 and 2VM (VJ team) since 2002. Grys makes electronic installations & gives workshops since 2004. Among other festivals he has taken part in V2´s DEAF, Piksel, Pixelache, Art Trail, Dorkbot..
for the gig i plan on using two noise synths a delay & a ringmodulator through a submixer.
for the installation i m undecided yet, but it could like seamus piece involve radios (!) at least two & a light sensitive electronic or a theremin-enabled arduino. so it will be reactive analog or digital diy electronic.

Joffrey Guillon
comes from a background of painting and video installations. He began to make music in 1999 with Seamus O'Donnell, with whom he created Noisiv, a research project in crossmedia production spanning from sound to sculpture. In 2000 they were joined by Jo frgmnt Grys. After leaving Berlin in 2002 Joffrey Guillon began experimenting in different musical perceptions, and so the solo project, Androvirus was born. At first, continuing the sound exploration as made with Noisiv, using sound structure fully open to personal interpretation. The real break became clear when he began to use hardware, voice and instruments associated with more live experiment and a more constructed way to build a track. Today he uses a lot of studio recording in a way to create an ambient music, that is still industrial and noizy. At the NoiseNoD Festival in Prag, 2007, he created the project NoizPozor as an open concept for noise artists to experiment with the different ways of approaching sound. He remains an active member of Noisiv.

Johannes Bergmark: förstärkta objekt
Luc Kerléo (Nantes): osynlig skulptur,
TIPPI: elektroniska konstruktioner och manipulationer samt synthesizers
+ det elektroniska ljudkollektivet NOISIV:
Séamus O´Donnell (IRL): radiosändning + gamla bandspelare,
Joffrey Guillon (FR): ombyggda instrument, hardware, elektronik och
Jo Frgmnt Grys (DE): egenbyggda bullermaskiner

Variabel entré