My best friends. My favorite musicians. My favorite evening.
Constellations will be invented at this party to which you are invited. Many sets. Many breaks for drinks.
80 kr / 60 kr student, pensionist, unemployed, Fylkingen member Noone turned away due to lack of means.
Medlemsarrangemang: Bergmark

Johannes Bergmark / Lise-Lotte Norelius / Sören Runolf
Smullotron is an improvising live electronics trio which origins in the creative environment at Fylkingen in Stockholm. The sounds merge into an exciting mix where it's difficult to say who makes what, drawing from the long history and techniques of electronic music and sound art. Last time they performed, they were inspired by sea life.
The band shared a small sailing boat together in Stockholm, called Agda, for a while.

Surrealist and Skeptic, physically oscillating between the two continents but mentally boundless.Conceptual inspirations from science, as well as pure usage of chance meetings in her work, creates a way of escaping easy descriptions of having a certain style.

Daniel Karlsson
I've always been improvising. It's always been there. Inside of everything I've done. It's been the thing that stayed w/ me through it all. It kept me guessing. Kept me on my toes. I've always been trying to get at that sound. That feel. That state of being inside of something that's moving. All around you like it's talking to you through everything you ever heard or played.