Criss-Cross evening aims at presenting a combination of acts made by
people who do not fear to try to work in a unusual ways or even against
the current.
we hope it is going to be an amazing chance to get a mental refreshment,
experience energy of passionate artists in action and getting inspired.
come to meet new people and mingle with old fellows. we have tons of good
stuff to share!

entré: 100kr/stud 80kr
cheap bar/cash only



"Cipher Screen"
Greg Pope & John Hegre

Cipher Screen is a live art piece using 2 prepared 16 mm film projectors
with black film loops and a live sound feed. This work harnesses the
mechanisms of film and cinema; the projector, the film material, the
darkened room and synchronized sound – creating a live score and a visual
and sonic interaction.
The constant, reductive physical process applied to the surface of the
film loops results in a slow transformation on the screen surface; out of
aural and visual darkness builds a cacophonous crescendo of sound and

John Hegre has composed and performed improvisational music since 1995,
and is best known from various free improvisation, contemporary and
rock/noise projects including: The Golden Serenades, Jazkamer, Kaptein
Kaliber, Noxagt and Public Enema. Beyond this Hegre has worked as a live
sound technician and mastering technician, and created and performed music
for theatre, dance and film.

Greg Pope after dabbling in punk rock bands and absurdist performance
founded Brighton-based Super 8 film collective Situation Cinema in 1986
and afterwards Loophole Cinema (London, 1989). Using 16mm, Super 8 and
video, Loophole Cinema were self-styled shadow engineers performing
numerous events around Europe also producing The International Symposium
of Shadows in London in 1996. Working collaboratively and individually,
Pope has made video installations, live art pieces and single screen film
works since 1996. Recent works include live cinema performance pieces
Light Trap and Cipher Screen as well as 35mm film productions Shadow Trap
and Shot Film. He currently lives in Norway and is active teaching,
projecting, programming and making film.

Morgan Ågren
drum solo & more

Morgan Ågren has been a drummer since age four and a Grammy winning
musician on both sides of the Atlantic. Born in Umeå, Sweden in 1967, Mr.
Ågren was spotted as an outstanding talent at a young age as he began
performing publicly at age seven, and eventually joined forces with ten
year old blind keyboardist Mats Öberg in 1981. In 1988, still around their
late teens, Morgan and Mats got invited to play with Frank Zappa for a few
different projects in the US – just before Zappa passed away. While some
of the Zappa influence remains, Morgan and Mats have long since found
their own voices. In the mid 90’s, they began releasing CDs on Morgan’s
label Ultimate Audio Entertainment, eventually forming a stable band,
which has amazed audiences in Europe, Asia and the USA since 2001.

Mathias Josefson/ live music + Isabel Fogelklou/ film

“809.64 kilometers: half a piece of art” (2011) is an art work by Isabel Fogelklou & Mathias Josefson. Here the audience is invited to explore concepts of absence and presence, visibility and invisibility, near and far.
On a specific date half a piece of art will be presented in Stockholm by Mathias Josefson. Simultaneously the corresponding other half of this piece will be presented by Isabel Fogelklou to an involuntary audience at a place 809.64 kilometers far.
The audience in Stockholm will be informed that they are seeing just one half of a piece of art and that its other half will remain invisible to them. The audience at 809.64 kilometers will not be aware of what they see, as being one half of an art piece. It is the nature of it, which will remain invisible to them.
Different people, different places - same time, same piece … and no one knows it all.!/mathiasjosefson/statuses/134008213350780929


Daniel Andersson (swarthnas)

Daniel Andersson lever och verkar i Stockholm som filmskapare,
videokonstnär och fotograf. Hans verk är vanligtvis konceptuellt visuella
narrativ om en plats, en miljö eller ett ting.


”Mixing digital and analog techniques to promote chance and whim to create
a spell to destroy boredom”

GOMFILM är Marko Bandobranski och Tomas Stark.


Vi tycker om att klä ut oss i lösskägg och smyga ner i mögliga källare
fyllda av rostskadade videobandspelare. Där gör vi film. Vi kan göra andra
filmer också.
Vill du se våra filmer?

Carolina Hindsjö

I do drawings and animations. Before when I went to Chelsea College of Art
in London I did performance and videos. I still love that media but I do
drawings and animations because I like to do something with my hands and
also like surrealistic stuff.

Mats Lundell

Works in an independent and unconventional way. A very precious member of Fylkingen.