RÖSTA PÅ FYLKINGEN 3 – en liten festival kring rösten

Stuart Lynch (DK)
Girilal Baars/Thommy Wahlström/Paul Pignon
Baars-Bergmark duo
Lynch-Bergmark duo
Girilal Baars Solo

Stuart Lynch (DK)

Stuart Lynch is a performance artist, theatre director and teacher. He is Artistic Director of Lynch Company and school leader of the Holberg Film and Theatre School. He recently toured in Europe and India with his one man show, Lynch Concert, which will travel to Australia this coming summer.


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Girilal Baars/Thommy Wahlström/Paul Pignon
The trio Wahlström–Pignon–Baars examine the ecology of wind tunnels.

Thommy Wahlström

Sopransaxofon, kohorn


Johannes Bergmark

Upplysning, röst- och objektperformance


Girilal Baars

Röst, elektronik


Facebookevent: http://www.facebook.com/events/368294016623892/


Entré: 80, stud, a-lös, pens, medl 60 kr


Medlemsproduktion: Baars/Bergmark