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   Johannes Bergmark - constructions (whalefish, finger violin, blowfish, metal harp), analog and modular synthesizers, clavinet, voice, saw, unspecified objects

Martin Küchen - soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, metal barrel, sandwich grill, miscellaneous percussive junk, bow, guitar, trumpet, voice

Sören Runolf - electric guitar, amplified objects, electronic processors, virtual modular synthesizer, cello

1. A Homely Safari
2. The Molly Hotwall Adventures
3. People's Safari of America
4. On a Tranquillizing Safari
5. Holes Through Holes
6. Half-Leopards and Semi-Turtles
7. Holy and Blind

Duration 72:13

- FYCD 1020, 2002

Price: 120 SEK + shipping